Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Post

I set a goal for myself to post each day this month. So far, so good. I even have some posts in draft form ready for future days. I have some giveaways in the planning stage and home to post one soon.

I just won a great blog giveaway for tickets to Nickelodeon's StoryTime Live. My daughter is SOOO excited about it. We even get to go early to meet the cast. She's usually leary of big dressed up characters, but all these have their (human) face showing so maybe she will be OK. Dora & Kai-Lan don't have big costumes...so we should at least be able to get pics with them. A local friend of mine told me about the giveaway, so I am taking her & her son along with us. I'll post pics soon. My daughter plans on dressing up.

This early spring weather is WONDERFUL! I have a feeling it's going to stay and winter is behind us. I know it's only been in the 40s, but it seems SOOO much warmer. Our poor doggie is SOO hot with his long coat, so I am taking him to the groomers tomorrow.

We are leaving on our big trip to Alaska in just over 3 months, so we really need to get the planning in gear. I've ordered the 2010 Milepost, which is a mile by mile break down the highways to, from, and in Alaska. It is super thick and I wonder how we are going to fit it all in 5 weeks. The drive is SOOO long, that we are going to have a little less than 3 weeks in Alaska. Should be a good time though!Do you have any trips in the works?

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  1. How exciting. That sounds like a GREAT giveaway! Hope you all have a nice time.


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