Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Troubles with Caffeine

Or shall I say sugar? As I've talked about a little this year, I've started drinking coffee. At times it's irritated my stomach, so I've tried out tea too. I am not having caffeine every day, just when I feel like I need it. Well, the time change has really had me hankering for some caffeine. I went without on Tuesday, but I had a headache yesterday so I had a coke. It was one of those 'caffeine is the only think that will take care of this' headaches. I sipped on my soda for over an hour, but the headache went away right away. Then all afternoon I had the caffeine shakes. The only way I seem to be able to balance that out is with food. Which of course means I overeat! Bad cycle!!

Something else I have noticed is that the days I have caffeine that I feel like crashing in the afternoon. If I don't have caffeine then I am tired in the morning but alert in the afternoon. What's up? SUGAR! I don't like the taste of coffee by itself, so I put chocolate in to make a mocha. The caffeine WAKES me up in the morning, but the sugar makes me crash in the afternoon. I don't need to overeat and I certainly don't need the extra sugar. So what am I supposed to do?

Probably get a little more sleep and just drink water!! I am sure more exercise would help too!

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  1. That's quite a predicament :(.

    Maybe you could have your coffee and try a sugar free creamer and not add any sugar to it?

    I have coffee every morning with regular creamer and I never add sugar because it usually is sweet enough on its own.
    Another thing you could try is buying different brands of coffee; maybe something flavored from the Dunkin Donuts line or something... like the Cinammon Swirl one (or whatever it's called), that one is really sweet. It might not need sugar if you add some creamer to it.
    Good luck!

  2. Oh boy, does that Starbucks treat look good!
    Try just a bit of milk. Milk has a bit of sweetness and takes out the bitterness in my opinion.
    That's my drink of choice. Best part of wakin' up. LOL


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