Friday, March 12, 2010


I recently got my eye brows threaded. Have you heard of it? Here is a news clip about it.
It did hurt, but the pain was gone right away. Just think of several hairs being plucked at once. They do threading here at a kiosk in the people walk by and watch. LOL! While it was happening I didn't care. My skin was a little pink afterward, but not painful, red, and swollen as with waxing. It was quick and I think my eyebrows look really good!I will definitely go back and have them done again! I am sure I'll wince, but I wince when I I prefer someone else do it. It was $10. BTW~ They do anchor the thread in their teeth, but the thread does not change position so that part of the thread does not come near your face at all!

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  1. I've seen that at the mall, but I had no idea what was going on! LOL! Is it expensive? I really need to do something with my eyebrows and this sounds better than trying waxing. Not sure I'd want to have it done at the mall though :-/

  2. Oh man I would love to have this done!! I have such sensitive skin and have not had my eyebrows waxed since I was pregnant and it ripped my skin off. Mine look awful but my skin is so sensitive I can't do anything with them and can't bring myself to pluck one at a time

  3. Do you have to have really long eyebrow hairs to have this done??? And why do I have to go to the mall for this?? That part is sort of odd to me. I mean, is that really the place for that???

  4. How cool! I'd never heard of it. I wonder if there's a salon around here that has it.
    I think your eyebrows look nice. :)

    As my eyes are getting older, I've discovered I'm having more and more trouble doing my own brows. Maybe it's time to find a "threader".

  5. Personally, I liked your wax job (heeeheehee). I have a friend that does the threading.


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