Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 5

Survivor~ This episode was BORING compared the first 4. I think it's just becoming predictable. Heroes will lose again next week and Colby will go home. Amanda is so ditzy...Oh James...you are back!!! I don't think James is going to be able to hang around too much longer. Rupert is dumb for aligning with Amanda & James. And stupid for saying he doesn't care about the (chocolate) reward cause he just wants to win the challenge. Isn't the challenge FOR chocolate? And then in the challenge Rupert smashes Jerri's face into a pole. I don't think he meant to hurt her, but it was a VERY lame apology. I think Jerri didn't show how much it hurt...and covered the whole thing up by scoring the winning basket.Yes...all that chocolate looked good...but can you imagine the digestive issues they must have had. I would have concentrated on the choc covered nuts for the protein. That huge hole where they went swimming was incredible! Russell & Pavarti were so stupid to hang back. Everyone knows what they are up to and that Russell has the idol. And stupid Coach bowing down to Russell? Like Russell's ego needs any more stroking? Are we going to have some strange 3 way bromance now with Coach sweet on Rob & bowing down to Russell?

Anyway, no new Survivor until Wednesday, March 24th cause it's March Madness!

Amazing Race~ I really thought that Jordan & Jeff were goners, until that U-turn. From the get go everyone chose to do the crawling challenge. The morse code one was just too hard. Maybe they designed the choices like that so that everyone would choose the crawl and then only the U-turned team would have to do the morse code...and it changed the course of the game. I think the detectives were right to U-turn Joe & Heidi. Joe had been a real pompous ass and did need to be brought down a few notches. Production had to like them doing it. I mean U-turning the last place team that already had a (lame) Speed Bump would be too obvious and boring!

Once again Caite & Brent proved just how dumb they are. They don't pay attention to their surrounding, but they continue to claw their way through. She made another brilliant quote~ ''We're doing everything great. We like to think that we know where we're going when we really don't so we need to stop being so hard at it.'' I am not even going to try to interpret that!Is it me or is there a tat bit of awkwardness to Steve & Allie's relationship? They don't come across as dad-daughter...but more like creepy older guy that is together with someone WAY too young for him. Maybe they didn't spend a lot of time together when Allie was growing up, but there is just something a little off about their relationship.

The cowboys looked very strong this leg! I think our 3 final teams will be the top 3 from this episode.

Celebrity Apprentice~ I have never been a huge fan of the apprentice. I thought the idea of a celebrity one was interesting, but that Pearce dude was such an ass that I was turned off from watching it. But the previews for this new season had me intrigued. I am not a fan of any of the contestants...but my interest was sort of peaked. At 8pm on Sunday I saw that there was a choice of Undercover Boss, Desperate Housewives, and Celebrity Apprentice. UB doing Churchill Downs...BORING...DH really isn't appropriate with kids around, but by golly....CA is VERY appropriate. NOT! Kids weren't paying attention at all. DH was standing there as it was introduced and I asked if he was going to watch. He said no...but after a few minutes standing there...he said he was in for the season. I think it was Sharon Osbourne's comments.

I thought that Cyndi Lauper was going to be so much stronger. I actually thought the woman had a chance when the guys picked her and the girls picked Bret Michaels. Then they learned it was a restaurant task~ advantage men with Curtis Stone. But then he overprices everything and the woman have lots of customers and Blago is playing politician rather than wait tables. Back and forth, back and forth....

Blago & Cyndi....LAME! Woman lost the task big time and then they were pussy-footing their way around the board room. Who should I fire? Oh, uhm... I don't know....uhm! Who should I fire? Just go ahead and SAY WHAT YOU ARE THINKING?! You are on a (stupid) TV show...you are in Trump's board room...your career is washed up...GIVE HIM A NAME!!!! Cyndi Lauper was a horrible PM and he should have had her fat @$$ out of there. She was more worried about how fat she looked in the photos than doing what it takes to win the task. I can't believe that Cyndi got away with referring to the Rosie incident AND dissing Trumps wife on camera. Trump didn't fire her cause she's just too good for ratings.

I'm calling Sharon Osborne for the win!!