Monday, March 8, 2010

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 4

I wrote up my thoughts on Survivor right after it aired,
so I am posting my wrap much earlier this week!

Cry me a river, COACH!! Call a Wah-mulance. Thank you Boston Rob for telling him to now worry and to "pick your head up and be a man!" And Coach bought it hook, line, & sinker cause he has a total man crush on Rob. We did see a little more of Rob this time.Villains definitely were stronger this episode. They seemed to get along. Both teams performed well in the immunity challenge and the villains win was only a matter of inches. Either team could have won that one.

Cirie's boot was such a SHOCK to me. Not only was she blindsided, we were all blindsided. I missed what she said at the end because I was looking at who everyone voted for. JT's vote was the difference. I think the rest of the group decided to split their votes between Tom & Colby. Then if Tom played the immunity idol the next with the most votes was Colby. But JT messed that up by voting for Cirie.

This was the first episode we watched as it aired. We've had conflicts the past 3 weeks and had to watch it on the DVR. It seemed so short watching it real time.

The Office~ Really enjoyed this episode even though the 2nd half sort of dragged out. Dwight is too funny!! Do you think that he & Angela will have a baby?Amazing Race~ Our DVR didn't pick it up, so I watched it online this morning. Did they get a new editing group to do this episode. It was very choppy again and parts were missing. The cowboys are slipping. I don't think they made any major mistakes (other than taking the metro to the next clue), but they just showed that they are not city slickers. I was surprised to see the one has red hair. I never thought we'd see the hats come off...certainly not on the bungee jump! I am very bad at keeping the names straight on teams that are the same gender.

I was very surprised to see the detectives do so well. They've been like bumbling idiots to this point, but they were very strong this episode. Makes me think they might not be bottom feeders afterall. It is a weak cast, so maybe they will be final 3. I still think the cowboys are the strongest team.

I figured it was going to be a non-elim when I saw the 2 young couples bringing up the rear. I can't imagine the producers want them going home early. Is Caite a hypochondriac or is she tough? She sure seems to persevere and really carries that team. Although Brett or whatever his name is did step up to the plate with the boot of beer. Can you imagine having to drink that? I am in agreement with the groups that said it was nasty! I don't think I could drink any beer. I'd take a vat of sauerkraut any day! Allie & Steve still seem to be the ghost team...though we saw a little more of them this time. Next week's episode looks more interesting!The Marriage Ref~ This show really cracks me up! I expected Tina Fey to say more. These couples are so interesting! The best part of the show was Marv Albert calling the basketball game of the guy that won't wear his wedding ring story. Too funny!

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  1. I'm glad Cirie is gone--she should have been on the villains team, really. She can't do the challenges and she is too conniving. I didn't like her or her saggy boobs.

    Love the cowboys! But I couldn't believe they could not down that beer!


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