Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reality Wrap: Week 6

There was no Survivor, but remember that it's on Wednesday instead of Thursday this week!

Amazing Race~ It seems as if this shorter leg came at a good time for the teams. Many seemed tired out and made mistakes. Driving to the wrong town (twice for the Cowboys) didn't really hurt anyone because the start and pit stop were so close to each other.

Skill vs. Luck~ The bros said they will always choose skill over luck and they did a great job stacking the glasses and pouring. I can't imagine trying to hold that HUGE bottle and pour it slowly.

It was pretty obvious that Jeff & Jordan were going to be out. I didn't watch Big Bro at all, but they seem well suited for each other. Brent & Caite on the other hand do not belong together!!

Next week they go to the Seychelles Islands, which is a very beautiful place!!

Undercover Boss~ I enjoyed this episode! I think the boss really learned a lot about this company. That one CS rep should have been FIRED on the spot but he didn't want to blow his cover. And then when he met with her, he was TOO polite. It does not surprise me that she is no longer with the company at the time it aired. I've skipped a few episodes that did not seem like they would be interesting to me, but this GSI one was good!

Celebrity Apprentice~ I didn't get to see it on Sunday night because AR was delayed due to basketball, which means CA was already have way over when AR ended. I went to online to watch it at NBC.com and I saw the results! UGH! From now on I am going to watch shows through Hulu, because you can click on watch latest episode without seeing any spoilers. So even though I knew that Sinbad got fired (meaning the guys lost) I still go sucked into watching. I didn't realize it was another 2 hour episode, so I was up late last night. I am surprised that the guys did as well as they did on the challenge. I thought Sinbad did a very poor job of leading. That was so gross that Sharon Osborne was coughing over those YUMMY looking cupcakes. Cindi Lauper is soooo out there. I think they should pair her up with Bret Michaels on a task. LOL!