Sunday, March 28, 2010

Application Anxiety

How do you feel about the job application process? It just freaks me out. I recently applied for a job and I was nearly hyperventilating as I updated my resume and wrote a cover letter. I am well qualified for the position, but I still had adrenaline pumping through my veins. I don't even have my heart set on the position. I know that doesn't sound right. What I mean is...I am OK if I get the position and I am OK if I don't get the position. I just want to make sure a strong candidate gets the position. If that is someone else, fine! On the positive side, it is the ideal part time job to me. Normally when I go through the job application process that little inner voice reminds me that I am not worthy. That isn't even present this time, but I still got all stressed out and worked up. I'd be OK to just work for myself or from home the rest of my life...but that isn't realistic. So what's my hang-up? ( don't have to answer that one! LOL!) How do you feel about applying for a job? Do you experience similar?