Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wii-kly Wii-cap!

Have you been healthy this week? I slid a little!! First off, wii had a VERY busy weekend. Parties on Saturday & Sunday. I skipped the Wii both days. Bad me! I fully expected to get yelled at when I hopped back on, but it was pretty painless. I did gain back 2 lbs, but that's what I get for overeating. So I only worked out 4 instead of 6 days. I did do 45 mins each of those days, so my Fit Bank has a total of 13:11 in it. On Sunday we took an extra long walk with our dog, so I guess I am on track with overall exercise this past week. My fav this week has continued to be Rhythm Parade. I got a nearly perfect score yesterday when I only had 4 misses. I am still on advanced level. I've been doing the (Wipe Out style) Obstacle Course and the flying chicken one a lot too. I tried out the juggling one...although my Mii is scary as a clown!
Running with my daughter.