Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wii-kly Wii-cap!

It's Wiik 2 and I'm still on the Wii Fit bandwagon! My overall workout time is now 10:14, which means I bronzed my Fit Bank for going over the 10 hour mark!I averaged 48.2 minutes over the 6 days that I worked out this week. A little less than last week, but I am continuing to see results. I am down about 3 pounds and my clothes are so tight. I reached a breaking point again on Sunday as I tried to conquer Expert level of Island Biking, so I'm making a break from from it. My current favorite is Rhythm Parade and here is my results from Advanced level.
The rest of the family has pretty much stopped using Wii Fit, so their Miis are sleeping at Wii Fit Plaza.