Friday, February 5, 2010

A Whine!

I am cold...I have been for several days. I am tired of being chilly and I am letting myself complain. I don't have spring fever per se, I am just tired of feeling cold! The past week has been a little warmer outside (lower 30s) as compared to some very cold weather earlier this winter. We are still walking our dog for 30 mins or so each night...and we really bundle up. That doesn't really bother me because I wear sooo many warm layers. I'm just cold in my house. About 10 days ago our whimpy space heater that sat not too far from me started dripping oil. We didn't think that it was all that powerful in the first place, but I have been SOOO chilly since then. You'd think that with all my Wii-Fitting that I'd be warm. Maybe I'm losing some of my blubber layer and I just can't stay warm.

OK...I'll get over my frigid self, put on an extra sweatshirt, and shut-up now!

Do you think I'll warm up if I give this blog a bright & cheery new look?