Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 2

Survivor~ Back when I heard that it was going to be heroes vs. villains I wasn't impressed at all. I saw who was in the cast and was turned off. I had no interest in seeing many of these yahoos again. Well, I was wrong. This season is FANTASTIC! The wheels have fallen off the hero cart and they are just ripping each other apart.

The whole Rob getting injured was a bit over the top. He didn't fall all dramatically like they made it look. He was laying there with a tshirt or something under his head. But the guy was in BAD shape! All his weird mutterings...him and Jeff being all palsies. I didn't care for it, but Rob redeemed himself when he said that he had a case of cry-baby-itis! I've never liked Rob...hated him the first 2 go rounds...hated him on Amazing Race, but there is something about this season that I am enjoying. Jeff's review of the cast that I linked before it started said that Rob had a chance to win...and I believe it. He's an animal because after his little visit with medical, he came back and rocked the challenge. He was hoisting that cube up by himself and I thought he was going to collapse and get squished. He helped lead the villians to victory...again.

OK...heroes. They were pathetic on the challenge. EGOS is right! JT had done it before and he just didn't seem to lead them very well. Yes...Stephanie and everyone was yelling, but he certainly didn't get them to follow very well. While he's always been strong and held his own, he's never been very vocal. And something just snapped in James' head. Blaming it all on Stephanie and going on and on and on and on about how she was the reason her tribe lost in her first season. I thought there was some validity to his point the first time he said it...but he could not SHUT up about it. He probably said it way more than the camera showed. I really wasn't sure which way Cirie & Candice were going to go and I was surprised at first...but it does make sense. Align with the crazy people...and James is CRAZY. They can just lay low and let all the attention be on James and not worry. If for some reason the heroes start winning, then they are still aligned with the crazies and would look good in the end.

Tonight it looks like Pavarti & Jerri go at it, which should be VERY interesting!! I don't think I am even going to guess what I think will happen, who will win immunity, and who will go home. I'll just sit back and enjoy. (Band concert again we'll have to DVR it!)
Check out this very good & funny recap/review of the episode: Entertainment Weekly

Amazing Race~ This editing on this 2nd episode was SOOO much better. It was easier to follow along. I have to take back my thoughts and comments on the cowboys. They are much smarter than I thought. The only thing I negative I have to say about them is what is up with the plastic covers for the cowboy hats? Seriously? I know that team tri-granny was on the last bus, but they were just slow. If they somehow had passed up the (lame) detectives...they would continue to be bottom feeders and be it's good it just happened now. I think that the detectives will continue to scrounge for shellfish and be out SOON! The decision that Carol/Brandy made to align with Joe/Heidi was a good one and both teams finished high. Next week's previews look like Carol & Brandy have a HUGE DIVA lovers spat, which might be the beginning of their demise. I think that Joe/Heidi will do good in the long run. you are huge fan of Amazing Race and you decide to apply to be on the show. Don't you think you'd lean from other's mistakes? NO! It amazes me that teams know they are going to have to drive themselves and they can't drive a standard transmission. Really? Not only that...they got lost. Come on Dan & Jordan. I thought you were so funny in episode one. You won't be around much longer if you can't find drive your way out of a paper bag!
Here is EW's review of AR: Entertainment Weekly