Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reality Wrap Week 1 of the New Season

Double Whammy~ Both Survivor & Amazing Race started in the same week. Love it!

Survivor~ Oh man! Do I have lots to say about Survivor! The season sure began with a bang! I love how Jeff critiqued the teams and asked all sorts of questions as soon as they got to Survivor island. No mercy and he sure called people OUT! I am surprised we didn't hear from a few more villians. I am sure that Jeff had more questions that just weren't aired. And then to have a challenge from the get go! What a challenge...I am sure there were moves that would have been considered illegal in other seasons. Pavarti dislocating Stefanie's shoulder? WOW! I had to rewatch to see who did it. Jeff did tell Russell to play fair with Tom, but nothing was really being enforced. And did you see the way that Coach man-handled Colby? I love how they cut to Tyson making comments about how Colby's lost all masculinity now. Then the Sugar-Candice/Courtney-Sandra match up. That was brutal...Sandra undid Sugar's bra and she just got up, grabbed the bag, scored the point, and gave Sandra a few choice gestures. LOL!And then the last group...did you see Tyson's undies? LOL!!! There was really no contest with that group...James ownage! Rupert broke his toe? BRUTAL! Russell was smirking right away with the loss! It was about this point when I realize it was a 2 hour episode. I had no idea, but they needed every minute of it!

Side note~ When did bikinis with ruffles get back in style? Brings back memories of when I was that age and had little ruffly bathing suits. They seem to feminine for Stefanie!

Various Opinions~ Chickens...really? How many of you think those were planted? Seriously...chickens? This is Survivor!! Colby has become such an OLD man! And he's so dumb...asking Candice about the others? Didn't he ever watch? I don't think he was playing dumb with her...I think he truly is dumb! And Jerri & Coach...JERRI & COACH! OMG...I can't decide if I am discusted or if they are the PERFECT couple. I just looked at their bios and they are the same age. Coach is only 38? Really? I thought he was OLDER! Rob making fire...I don't like him, but I can respect that. Funny that he was going crazy by the other's laziness! Of course, Coach is all bromancing on Rob...so maybe Jerri doesn't have a snuggle buddy afterall! Ironic that Jerri's puppet from season 2 is now married to Rob? LOL! Sugar...outside of saving the first challenge, she was pretty pathetic and deserved to go home.

Who do I guess will win. That's a tough one... How about who won't win~ Coach, Rupert, Pavarti, Tom, JT, Amanda, Randy, Colby, Sandra, Stefanie, Rob, and Jerri. I think a female wins, so that narrows it down to Cirie, Candice, Courtney, or Danielle. So of these...Courtney? But I am not putting any stock in this. Overall I want Tyson & Cirie to stick around cause they have the best confessionals. I like Cirie, Russell, and surprisingly James. I was glad that Randy (who I despise most of all) didn't say much!

The initial preview of next week looked like Rob's injury was pretty serious. But further previews make it look like he's delirious from being dehydrated. Will he leave the game? I'm not so sure!

Overall, I really *LOVED* this first episode and I thought I was going to be turned off by season 20. It's going to be VERY entertaining! What did you think????

Amazing Race~ Once again I am overwhelmed by so many teams. I've been so busy lately that I didn't watch any previews or look up any teams before it started. So I am a bit lost. I love how Jordan recognized the Miss Teen contestant and recited her speech. Caite insisted that she's not as dumb as she was in that speech, but even though they did well on the leg...she will have to convince me otherwise. The cowboys were SOOO dumb to change ALL their money. Really? And then they came in 3rd place? We know the clothes line challenge was tough, but the painting one must have been tougher than they showed. They showed the coach & daughter paint the wrong place and I don't remember them showing them paint the right place...but all of a sudden they were at the mat. And the detectives predicting they will win every leg? I predict they won't win ANY legs. I don't really remember much about any other teams. Not the strongest contestants overall...but it's The Amazing Race...so I will watch and enjoy!

Still too many teams to talk about Biggest Loser and it's on a break during the Olympics.

Thoughts on Survivor & AR?