Monday, February 15, 2010

Felt Fortune Cookie Craft

Instead of exchanging valentines at school, they do a trade fair at son's school. The kids brought in handmade items and traded with each other. No food items were allowed, but we came up with the idea of making felt fortune cookies. I found some adorable printable CNY Chinese take out boxes by Kate Hadfield and we printed out and assembled tiger boxes to put the fortune cookies in. Parker sold out very quickly at the trade fair.

First we traced circles onto felt and cut them out.Then we printed & cut the boxes, seals for top of boxes, & the fortunes.Then we folded & hot glued the fortune cookies.
Then we put the finishing touches on the boxes, put a fortune cookie in each box (we used 6" circles, so they were pretty big!), and added a seal to the top of the boxes.