Saturday, February 6, 2010

A big thumbs down! Boost Mobile SUCKS!

Do you even feel like you flush $$ down the toilet? I did that a few months ago when I got a Boost Mobile phone. Boost purchases old phones that are past their warranty and they are just a piece of crap!! I got my phone a few months ago and had troubles from the get-go. No help from Boost, so I had to send it back to the manufacturer. Piece of dung phone...too bad, so sad! Boost SUCKS! Motorola i465 Clutch SUCKS! Boost Mobile is supposed to have a big fancy ad during the Super Bowl tomorrow (a take off of the Super Bowl shuffle) and I hope it is bad and that no one gets their service! I am just thankful I wasn't in a contract with Boost!!!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I need a new cell phone and I will NOT be going to Booooooo-st Mobile.

  2. Yea I've heard Boost ain't all that great, I love your thumbs down pic *lol*

  3. My husband has this and he constantly complaining about its services.

  4. I'll have to disagree. I switched from T-mobile to Boost and am happy with their service. Of course, I won't have access in many of the out of the way places I had service with a big name carrier, but the bottom line is

    $50 a month for unlimited minutes, unlimited text, unlimited web + $5 sales tax


    $69 a month for 400 minutes, no text, no web, about $20 in assorted federal and state service charges and state tax.

    That's a no brainer.

  5. Thanks for your comment...anonymous Boost employee! No matter what you are promoting...Boost still SUCKS!

  6. My fiance has this phone on Boost, just got it a few weeks ago. It stopped sending or receiving text messages and can't go online anymore. It's performance has always been poor for texting, and isn't that the reason for buying a qwerty phone? I'm going to try to unlock hers and use it with another carrier.

  7. well i damn sure dont work for boost but i think their service is great. when some of my friends complain that they dont have minutes..i laugh because my phone is unlimited..ive been a customer for the past 2 years even before they got unlimited service and yes during the pre-unlimited era i hated the company but they are improving little by little..they even have better phones the way that pic of you makes u look about 60 years old

  8. BoostBoots~ Your comment makes you look like an idiot!

    1. As a former 4 year boost slave I second Diana's comment.

  9. I wish I'd seen this a month ago. I bought a Clutch from Boost Mobile during a family emergency (mom in the hospital) to share news and updates in an area where my usual phone wasn't getting good service.

    The phone itself is awkward and ugly, but the 'service' I got from Boost Mobile was FAR worse.

    I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

  10. Boost Mobile defrauded my girlfriend out of $50.

    She bought a phone at a retail outlet and paid $50 for a month of service, based on looking at Boost's online coverage map -- which indicated that Boost had "good" coverage where she lives.

    We brought the phone home -- no service. There's service maybe a quarter of a mile away ... sorry, that doesn't cut it. We returned the phone (no problem) but the $50 was in Boost's hands. We called and were promised a refund. We got the runaround after that, for days. This is now months later. The Better Business Bureau couldn't get it out of them. The MA attorney general's office is pretty sympathetic but won't go to court for $50.

    This is fraud, textbook definition. Boost stole $50 from my girlfriend.

  11. I would caution anyone from using Boost. I wanted the $50 month plan with shrinkage. Got stuck in a $2 /day plan. Went crazy trying to get it switched online or using their endless phone tree that leads to no C/S rep was maddening. If you get a C/S rep they are unable to speak with the payment rep. Now I am being told they I cant get the auto pay set up until 1/28/10, when my new bill cycle is due ???. Talk about stupid.

  12. Yep Boost custo,er service sucks, there phone service sucks, and if you are lucky enough to tal to a human they are in a foregin company. When they are tired of you calling to correct the problem, they place you on hold and block your number...wonderful company.
    I wonder how much money the us govt gives to these shit heads.

  13. Not a Boost Employee here. Boost is owned by sprint, and sprint coverage is up there with the rest of them. Consumer Reports for 2011 named Sprint the best overall. Boost Mobile, owned by sprint, has by far the best plan. Its actually 53 a month and 15 months later it will be 35 a month if you pay on time.. I will pay 35 month unlimited everything while some other chumps are paying 80+ for LIMITED.. I am saving $500 a year... And what would happen if I dropped a call? OH DEAR GOD, I WILL CALL THEM RIGHT BACK 1 SECOND LATER... Every single company on the net has a rant, it comes down to price, and this is a BEATING on the others.

  14. Thanks Jim (TruthbeTold)...Maybe they have a great price, but my rant is about the piece of CRAP phone!

  15. I have the same phone and the same service, and I couldn't agree more. I came here after a google search trying to find someone who felt the same. Disappearing texts, delayed texts, rings only a few times ALWAYS calling friends back! international calls out of sight $$$, it's a pay-as-you-go nightmare!

  16. My Mom always told me you get what you pay for. If it sounds to goood to be true then it usually is.

  17. Tried to call boost mobile to clear up some extra charges the put on my bill which was 50 dollars. I couldn't even understand what there were saying!! seriously a sucky service.


  19. Good and BAD. First, boost is the only cell phone that actually works in my rural bubble of a techno deprived area without standing on the hood of my car with outstretched arms "can you hear me now."
    It really works. IN my house! And it's cheap.

    But... OMG if you ever need support? Holy head against the wall batman! NO combination of button pushing in their voice mail circles from hell will let you through to a person! I went around with them once before when my bank changed hands and I had to give them a new CC number. It was HELL getting through. And since my husbands phone and mine are paid with the same CC. When I finally DID get through, they screwed up. Didn't switch his phone. OTR trucker and suddenly had no service.
    (Oh, I used to find a number that did go through. Seems they removed it though. No such little trick to be found now.)

    This time I needed to cancel my sons phone. (He already smashed it out of frustration over their constant texting him that he isn't using his phone. He KNOWS when he uses his own phone! Also his phone beeps every time a satalite is in or out of range. drives him nuts.)

    There is no way to get anyone on their voice mail thing. No matter what button pushing combo I try, it all ends up with "enter your boost mobile phone number." Then it either tells me I didn't enter the correct number, OR... better still. I didn't enter enough digits!
    I tell ya, I'm ready to smash MY phone too!!!!!

    Ok, found a way in. Just pretend you are NOT a boost customer. Follow their stupid prompts, (and it's at least three menus full.) But do it as if you do not have a boost phone and your interested.
    I finally got to a human who claims to have taken care of it. (yea.... we'll see. I can always go to my cc and refuse the payments. That will wake someone up.)

    I do think it's time for an iphone. I hope that guy had the call recorded. I asked him how a "phone company" expects to do business when they won't answer the phone for their own customers?
    AND... do a search on google for "boost mobile sucks" and OMG! It comes up like a rash. Someone over there needs to wake up.

  20. Yupp, I agree. Boost kept my Kyocera from accessing the Internet because I didn't renew with them. After three months, the number went dormant and voila, the wifi suddenly comes back.

    They denied they blocked my WIFI but wouldn't even give me a month's service for the aggravation. Oh yeah, I tried their tech support during that time and never got it working either.

    So goodbye Boost. Keep spending the big bucks for Superbowl ads. I hope this post wipes a thousand customers off your list.


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