Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Current Thoughts on Tea

The other day I posted about how my stomach was irritated so I switched from coffee to tea. I still need to acquire a taste for tea, but I'll let you know what I think of it now. Tea is so wimpy! Yesterday I was had this grumpy edge that tea just didn't touch. Tea just doesn't have the hardiness that coffee does. Sure, I mix hot cocoa in with my coffee for an extra punch, but hot cocoa with tea just won't taste right. LOL! I've always been a (fairly) full of energy person that didn't need caffeine, but I've acquire a taste/desire now. I view it as a winter thing. I've never been a fan of warm drinks, but I like them in the winter. I can feel the child by looking out the window, so a hot drink is very welcoming this time of year. I've dubbed Thursdays as my lazy day. I never seem to have much on tap and often mind myself wanting a nap. Today I just stayed in bed an extra hour. I made my son's lunch last night so I didn't need to get up at all. DH didn't complain. In fact, tomorrow is his first furlough day so he gets to stay in bed while I get the kids up and off to school. Anyway, even though I slept a little longer today I am feeling a little I am having my choco coffee this morning. Hopefully it doesn't irritate my tummy. If it does, I am going to just need to get used to that sissy flavored water drink tea! I hope I didn't offend any tea lovers out there... I promise to keep trying and give tea a fair shake!

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  1. Why don't you try a flavored tea? Or maybe Green tea?

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    I am hoping to hear from you soon. Happy blogging.

  3. I used to feel the same way about tea, but finally grew to like it...but could never replace wishes on's something I tried, for that same type of tummy issue...before or after any meal, coffee w/ choco included, drink some water with lemon...fresh squeeezed or the crystallized every time for me...keeps me from getting an upset tpummy...especially before bed.

  4. Keep trying different types of teas. Some of the British and Indian varieties are tasty and pack a punch.

  5. Oh my, I feel your pain... I LOVE coffee. It's usually the first zombie-like words out of my mouth in the morning... DH: "Hey honey!" Me: "Coooooooffffeeeeeee."
    I have been substituting soda w/ green tea in hopes to lose some weight (along with working out). I actually had to *convince* my brain that I liked green tea. I actually really DO like it now... but I seriously had to rewire myself to get to this point.
    Have you tried Chai tea? That sh*t will kick your a$$! It's strong, spicy and DELICIOUS. You can add milk to it and have a Chai Tea Latte. It's my favorite type of tea. Good luck!
    PS - They have the coffee from Folgers that's supposed to be mild and better for your tummy. You've probably seen it on the shelf @ the store, but I just wanted to throw that idea out there just in case :)

  6. Aw, Diana! I hope you feel better... I used to be a huge tea drinker...but, my taste buds are changing or something.. because I don't like it nearly as much as I used to!

  7. You're too cute, I'm a big coffee drinker too. But I found there are some really good loose leaf teas that smell and taste wonderful. My mom has a tea shop by her and we got browse the 1,000 different flavors.

    If your interested I posted a giveaway on some loose leaf you may like :)

  8. I am very glad I found your blog, I am following and looking forward to reading more. Try some honey in your tea, that sometimes does the trick for me~

  9. So glad you found me, and now I've found you! I can relate: I just quit my coffee addiction, yes it was an addiction, and I quit cold turkey! It's been 39 days, I'm very proud to say! lol I do happen to love tea though, so I'm pretty lucky. Try some honey and lemon - and black tea has a nice caffeine kick. Have you tried chai? Just some suggestions...have fun experimenting ~ good luck!

  10. Funny, I'm just now acquiring a taste for coffee! Folgers in the morning followed by my fave Celestial Seasonings Mint green tea--yum!


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