Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Current Thoughts on Tea

The other day I posted about how my stomach was irritated so I switched from coffee to tea. I still need to acquire a taste for tea, but I'll let you know what I think of it now. Tea is so wimpy! Yesterday I was had this grumpy edge that tea just didn't touch. Tea just doesn't have the hardiness that coffee does. Sure, I mix hot cocoa in with my coffee for an extra punch, but hot cocoa with tea just won't taste right. LOL! I've always been a (fairly) full of energy person that didn't need caffeine, but I've acquire a taste/desire now. I view it as a winter thing. I've never been a fan of warm drinks, but I like them in the winter. I can feel the child by looking out the window, so a hot drink is very welcoming this time of year. I've dubbed Thursdays as my lazy day. I never seem to have much on tap and often mind myself wanting a nap. Today I just stayed in bed an extra hour. I made my son's lunch last night so I didn't need to get up at all. DH didn't complain. In fact, tomorrow is his first furlough day so he gets to stay in bed while I get the kids up and off to school. Anyway, even though I slept a little longer today I am feeling a little I am having my choco coffee this morning. Hopefully it doesn't irritate my tummy. If it does, I am going to just need to get used to that sissy flavored water drink tea! I hope I didn't offend any tea lovers out there... I promise to keep trying and give tea a fair shake!