Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's the Wiikend

Yes, I spelled it Wii-kend on purpose. Last night we sold our elliptical machine (yup the one I bought about 13 months ago that got used from time to time, but mostly collected dust) and bought a (used) Wii. I've been thinking that the elliptical is just taking up room, especially because we've been very faithful about walking the dog everyday...even in the -15 degree weather. I know how much people love Wii Fit, so I thought we could use the money from the machine to buy a Wii. DH wanted to rush out to the store to buy one right away, but I told him to do some research. It looks like everyone was sold out of Wii Fit+ around town so we called our BIL. He still had the extra Wii that he's been trying to sell us...YEA! So Within 2 hours of the elliptical going bye-bye, we had a Wii. One of the reasons that we got such a good deal on the Wii is that it had no games at all. We are borrowing the Summer Olympics game from BIL. Today we will see if there are any Wii games to check out at the library and order a Wii Fit+. What are your favorite Wii games???

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  1. Sonic and Mario at the Olympics - Summer version.

    Don't buy the Jillian Michaels workout, it is not good at all!!

    Wii Music is fun too but I really want the new dance game they have!!

    Happy Wiikend!! LOL!

  2. Love your Wii Mii. I have one on my Nintendo DS and couldn't figure out how to post it. She is much more attractive than the real me :) and probably more fit!

  3. Oh your in for a real treat!
    Your gonna have a love hate relationship with it and if your anything like me you'll loose more weight from laughing than anything!
    It's awesome!
    Wii Haw!


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