Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Half way through January and I'm adjusting my diet already!

I am still working on being healthier and losing weight. But my efforts have made put me in pain. I started drinking coffee a few weeks ago. I've never really liked the taste of coffee, so I am mixing it with (sugar-free) hot cocoa mix. I've also increased my fiber intake and had several servings of vegetable soup last week. I started feeling very bloated and in pain right below where my ribs come together. I thought maybe it was the soup so I stopped eating it, but I was still hurting. My new diet seemed to give me a case of acute gastritis. On Sunday I started eating a very bland diet and cut out raisins and coffee and other foods I thought might be affecting me. I felt much better yesterday and today I've had no pain at all. I was craving coffee, but had some chai tea instead. I've never liked tea, so I will have to get used to this. I do love Oregon Chai brand chai tea, but that is really more like liquid dessert, and it's decaf. I got Tazo Black Chai Tea bags. I'll get used to it!

I am continuing to walk each day, although I only did a long distance once over the weekend. My pants are loosening up a little, so I know my efforts are paying off!