Diana Rambles: October 2009

Happy Dori Day!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

3 years ago today our daughter was placed in our arms. It's a magical day that we will never forget! We mark this special day with lots of activities...special breakfast, portraits, a few gifts, a new charm for her bracelet, and dinner out. Here is a pic from 3 years ago and one from today!

Wordless Wednesday: 3 yrs ago today in Hong Kong

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 6

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Survivor~ Complete waste of an episode.

Amazing Race~ Complete waste of contestants: Mika & Canaan!!! I so LOVED seeing them get eliminated this week. They were such a waste of contestants. Yes...Mika provided quite a bit of entertainment value this episode with her whining & floaties, but overall it would have been nicer to see a team that actually provided some competition. While it was a little rude that Big Easy/Flight Time taunted Mika, it was actually kind of funny. She wasn't going to go anyway...so that really didn't factor in. In past episodes a preview will show someone's fears and they make it look like it will get them eliminated, but it NEVER does. This time it actually did!
I can't believe that Big Easy had such a hard time with the watch/briefcase challenge. They sure rocked the gold challenge!DH~ It was an OK episode. Nothing very exciting at all.

Modern Family~ Have any of you seen this show on ABC? I've only seen episodes online, but this show is SOOO funny!!! I just *LOVE* Cameron & Mitchell. They just crack me up. If you haven't seen this show, go to abc.com, watch an episode and let me know what you think. The first, fourth, & fifth episodes are the best!!Extreme Home Makeover~ This episode featuring the Montgomery Family was filmed nearby. I was anxious to watch it, but I recorded it because it was up against AR! I have to say that the episode was a let down for me. The local news covered EVERY part of the process, so I had seen everything shown in the episode except for the inside of the house...and they really didn't show much of that. They said was going to be a 2 hour episode, which I would have liked to see...but I guess they settled on just a hour. Many places around town showed the episode and they did get an extra hour of footage that didn't make it on TV.

Biggest Loser~ Several contestants seemed to have big breakthroughs tonight. I was sad to see Abby go. She's had so much loss in her life, but it was good to see her light up and begin to dream again. I don't think I'd have the strength to do what she's done! Daniel should have gone home. His weight loss has been such a disappointment the past 3 weeks. He's let his team down big time!! This season is all about 2nd chances, but he's gotten a third, forth, and fifth change! He might just be a cat and end up with 9 lives! I was impressed to see the black team win the baseball challenge. Their strategy got them the win...but they didn't choose the weight advantage wisely. Both Danny & Rudy continue to dominate! One of them *should* win...but no one expected Helen to win last season...so who knows.

Update on BAMH

Saturday, October 24, 2009

BAMH= Big Ass Motor Home
So we bought a motorhome about 10 days ago. It's been parked on our driveway and DH has been tinkering with it as he has time. We had planned on taking it camping this weekend and then drive it up to my FIL's for storage in a few weeks. We were checking it out the other day and realized that it needed a little maintenance before we camped, so we decided to take it up for storage and fixing this weekend. So DH took off this morning to drive to his dad's. They are going to troubleshoot the whole rig, prioritize the maintenance list, and then work on some of it while DH is still up there. My FIL has been anxious for us to bring it up so he can tinker with it...and now he will have all winter to play. We plan on bringing it back down mid-May to prep for the big trip to Alaska!

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 5

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Last week I did a great job with my reality wrap because I did a little write up after I watched each show, then published it all at once. I totally forgot to even write this up til now.

Biggest Loser~ Is Daniel going to ever lose more weight? Last week he lost nothing and this week he gained a pound. Why didn't HE go home? I know, Dina was sort of wishy-washy so she was kicked off. It was nice to see her update and how well she is doing. Daniel did make a HUGE breakthrough during the LCW, so maybe that wasn't enough time to lose weight. If he doesn't have a decent number next week then they need to can him. Overall I think the team that went home did a GREAT job. Very encouraging for all to see that you can stay fit and lose weight on your own. Trazy (Tracy + crazy) still needs to go home. She really bugs me! (OK...I admit it...I ate Twix while I watched this week!)

Amazing Race~ I was so glad to see Lance & Keri leave. They BUGGED me. But we all knew their inability to follow directions and find their way would catch up with them. I am glad they finally left Asia and went somewhere else. It sure looked HOT in the UAE. I wish they would have had to do something more than pick up a clue at the world's tallest building. But the desert and then Ski Dubai were very appropriate. OK...I cracked up at the previews for next week. It looks like Canaan is going to push Mika down the slide. And floaties? They make floaties for adults? Plu-leeze...who thinks those would have any effect when you are being flushed down a water slide? She is such a baby! He's supposed to be all religious, but he sure looks like he's going to be abusive.

Desperate Housewives~ The writers of the show are very good. Once again I was cracking up with the whole Lynette story line. The twins....LOL!!! Julie was the perfect daughter and has kind of lost her way in life. I know that the writers could make up whatever they want, but I think her storyline makes sense. She didn't get a lot of attention from her dad and she's acting out now. At first I thought Danny was her attacker, then last week I was thinking it was his mom...now I am totally creeped out that it's the dad. Yuck, yuck, yuck! I am glad she's not pregnant! Last year Marc Cherry indicated that Bob & Lee would be adopting soon. I am looking forward to that storyline being added.Survivor~ I thought that the purple team would lose again and either Monica or Shambo would head home. The beginning of this episode showed Monica talking about how she was betrayed and how she would get revenge. That type of edit makes me think she does have a chance of winning. Ashley was completely useless on the challenges....all talk and little action. Elizabeth sure rocked it. I was impressed with her strength. The edit made it look like she might be going home, but I thought it was obviously Ashley all along. There are still 14 contestants I think, so it's not time for a merge...but I've been getting this feeling that Shambo moves to the other team or aligns with them or they shake up the teams. Not sure. Previews show Jeff calling in medical during the challenge and he's standing right by a purple player with purple decorations around them...so I was trying to figure out who. Right away I think one of the older contestants...but I didn't think it was Shambo. Since then I've seen another preview and it's teach captain Russell. Looks like a knee or leg injury. So is it enough to take him out of the game? They started with 20 contestants and the show only runs 13 weeks, so they can have a medical evacuation and still have a tribal. I don't think that Russell is a strong leader...but the team has not faced much opposition, so it hasn't tested him as a leader. I am sure his view in the tribe was strengthened by sending Shambo to the other team (and she missed the reward) for losing a chicken. So who will step up if Russell's injury is serious? In the history of Surivor I am suprised that not more have been medically removed from the game. I think it's more common now. I sure enjoyed the seafood smoothie bar. The smoothies didn't look bad at all...but I am sure they were super gross.
So tonight...Russell is out cause of injury. If yellow goes to tribal then I think Elizabeth goes home, if purple loses then they will probably axe Monica or Shambo...but I have this feeling that Shambo stays around...so maybe it's an unexpected boot...or Russell stays and then they vote him out.

Wordless Wednesday: Extreme Home Makeover

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

House seen here airs this Sunday 10/25

I met Lin!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I got to meet Lin from Duck & Wheel with String this weekend. We both had high schoolers performing in a huge marching band competition. It was fun to meet up and chat while we watched bands perform. Best off...both our schools won awards!! It was soo COLD...so we were bundled up.

Head Above Water?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh my goodness...I've been so busy and just feel like I am barely keeping my head above water with many things. I want to post more often, keep up with my other blogs, and visit blogs to comment...but life has just been too busy lately. Friday night was a football game and I went to watch my son's band perform and then yesterday was a HUGE marching band competition that went ALL day long. Both were fun, but extremely COLD! I got to meet a mommy blogger friend yesterday...and I hope to have a pic of us to post soon!

Hope all is happy & healthy with YOU!

Reality & TV Wrap- Week 4

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I've decide to talk about more than my fav reality shows this week.

Survivor~ Just as I suspected, the yellow team won immunity. I figured that they were going to do a challenge that totally favored them, but it was pretty close. I am not surprised to see Yazmin gone at all. She did kick butt in the challenge, but they were tired of her laziness. Monica, who was my random pick to win...is treading on thin ice. But I did say that I was not going to be right this season. I am guessing right on a week to week basis, but no idea overall. I think they will mix it up, which will give Shambo new life. She looked so stupid when the chicken got out. She talks about how she does all this work and how she's a country bumpkin, yet she's is trying to lure the chicken by making chicken sounds. Then she claims to have produced the egg. LOL! She is strange...but entertaining.

Someone commented last week about how this season is hard to get into. I agree. I don't even remember the team names...just call them yellow & purple. And until this last episode we didn't even know who was on the purple team. I think they will lose another time or 2 and things will even out again. My opinion of Jaison has faded a little bit...whining about how hard it is and how it's the biggest mistake he's made to go on. It's called SURVIVOR! It's been on for 8 years...has he been living under a rock???? Yes, I applied to be on Survivor...but I totally expected to be an early boot due to not being able to handle the no food and crappy sleep thing. Of course I didn't get picked so it doesn't matter. I would never be on it now. I would love to be on Amazing Race though!

OK...this isn't reality TV, but I so enjoyed Pam & Jim's wedding on The Office! You just knew that Pam being pregnant was going to slip out in front of Granny! And Michael just had to stand up at the dinner and make an ass out of himself. It was too funny that Pam's sister thought that Oscar & Kevin were partners! I also enjoyed the story line about Kevin's shoes and Andy's split injury. I like their secret wedding on the Maid of the Mist. I have never seen that You Tube video...if it really exists. GREAT episode!!

Amazing Race~ I am SO sad that Zev & Justin are out of the game. I really liked them and their sense of humor. This leg of the race was going so well for them and somehow they misplaced Zev's passport. I just watched the Elimination Station at CBS.com and when Z&J went to the US Consulate to get a replacement passport, Zev's passport had been turned in. It was found at the temple where the monkey dance was. They had gone into the temple and it was dark so Justin reached in their pack and pulled out a flashlight. They think the passport fell out then. They weren't even supposed to go into the temple. Such a bummer!! I thought they were a strong team. Certainly one of the more entertaining teams! I am glad to see that they are traveling quite a distance next week, although all teams will probably end up on the same flight. It looks like they will do just about everything related to the UEA. I know that The Amazing Race Asia has gone there a few times, but TAR hasn't spent a lot of time there.

Desperate Housewives~ I can't figure out what the new family is trying to hide. I have been convinced that Danny choked Julie, but maybe it was really the mom. Strange family. When is Susan going to follow up on Julie thinks she's pregnant thing? I guess when she wakes up. Proper Bree is just too funny with Carl. I am loving the storyline about Lynette being pregnant. When they told their kids I was laughing so hard. The lecture from the oldest son and the other kids comments were just too funny!! And then Lynette's exchange with Carlos over her promotion. Blatant discrimination, but she has to cover it up. And then Tom drinking so much wine at the important client dinner. That was just too funny...especially when he told Gabby what he thought of her dress. Too funny!! Love this (mind candy) show.

The Biggest Loser~ We just got home from a long day of purchasing our RV and I missed the beginning of the show. Of course Crazy Tracy wins the challenge! I saw the part when she divided up the teams. She is sure playing to win the game. I don't think she's playing to change her life and to lose weight so much...but she wants to WIN the game. She was very strategic in dividing the teams. And then her blue team won the videos from home challenge. The black team was so defeated, but they ROCKED the weigh in. I was so glad to see Tracy's team lose cause I thought they were going to ax her. She soooo needs to go. BUT NO...Coach Mo throws himself under the bus and he goes home. I missed much of this part, but what were they thinking??? Did they keep Tracy cause she's less than a threat? Liz mentioned something about keeping her to go further in the show, but it's not making sense to me right now. Can someone explain it? But overall there was good weight loss this week!! I was naughty and ate 2 cookies during the show.

Wordless Wednesday: Our New RV

Reality Wrap- Week 3

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where does the time go? Survivor starts in a few hours and I haven't done my wrap!! I really need to write up a little at a time after each show and then publish it. I'll go over this past weeks's shows in reverse order of them showing.

The Biggest Loser~ We missed the first ep, and the 2nd ep really made Julio look like an ass, but he turned out to be a good guy. He's gone from over 400 to just under 300...mostly on his own. I like how the show jump started it for them. The big theme this week was eating out. The contestants were freaking out when they were locked out of the kitchen. BUT~ everyone can use some education when it comes to eating out. Mexican food was the perfect choice. That is probably where I overeat the most. I mean the salsa isn't bad, but the avenue that salsa is delivered to my mouth is!! They were so smart to send the chips back. I'd have gobbled up a few baskets. Rudy is a machine and is losing so much weight. He seems to be under the radar so far. He would be a good guess for winning it all, but it looks like they are shaking it up next weekend...and it looks like psycho woman gets control of picking teams. I'd like them to keep the show with the supportive, positive, feel good approach for the rest of the season. I think the weight loss results will be good.

Amazing Race~ I *LOVE* this show. I like how it started out with the pitstop floating up the river and dropping them off in an unknown place. I don't remember a pitstop moving before...but I have a poor memory, so it could have. Lance & girl were just SO out of sync. I can't imagine they will be around much longer. I think that the choice the word play on the detour should have been a better one, but Marcy & Ron tired to figure it out themselves. They should have just asked someone right away. I like Flight Time & Big Easy!

Survivor~ Well, I was wrong on who would be voted off. But it was a showdown between Ashley & Ben. They chose to get rid of toxic. I can't say that Russell is now showing heart, because he woosed out on his plan. I wonder if they are going to downplay him now. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the yellow team will win immunity this time and we will start to learn about the purple tribe. Shambo is my guess for first off from purple, but the way they showed her bonding with the yellow team has me wondering. Things are going to start shaking up on the purple team.

Wordless Wednesday: 20 years ago today...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sorry...can't go wordless on this one!

20 years ago today on a Saturday at 32nd Naval Station in San Diego, Eric & I met at an outdoor concert featuring Kenny Loggins. I was volunteering at the concert since it was being put on by MWR (who I worked for) and Eric was there to meet up with some gals he and his friend met at the enlisted sports bar the night before. Eric's friend didn't get up to go with him and he never found those reservists. BUT~ I was bound and determined to meet at guy at the concert that day...and I did!! I could go on and on about our meeting & beginnings...but this is supposed to be wordless.

Here we are that first week we met.Here is a recent pic of us.
<We had a short courtship and many family members were skeptical about us getting married so quickly. We got a lot of advise to wait...but we didn't. I know the odds were against us from the beginning, but today kicks off our year long celebration of 20 years together. We are very much in love & lust...lol and I am very proud of us!

Happy Blogiversary

Monday, October 5, 2009

I started this blog a year ago today. It started out as Diana's Daily Ramblings, but I wanted my own domain name...so it soon became Diana Rambles. Probably more appropriate! While I tend to ramble on a daily basis, I don't so much on my blog. LOL!

No party, no great giveaway...just a notation of the day. I thought of going through and writing about my blog stats...but it's too much work! LOL! I'd like to have had a party, but I am way too busy with my kid's activities, my volunteer work, and my blog makeover biz.

I should ramble!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I have been very bad about posting lately. Not sure here, but on all my blogs. I haven't even been taking pics either. Since school started I've been super busy! My daughter goes to preschool across town 3 days a week and I just stay gone. If I am not helping out in her class I got to the library and do my bloggy work. My custom blog makeover biz is going well and keeps me very busy. My other big chunk of time goes into being in charge of fundraiser for our youth group at church. Our main fundraiser is a concession stand at the local NCAA football game and it's a lot of work. My co-manager and I are in charge of getting enough volunteers, inventory, and running the stand. I am thankful that there are only 6 home games, but it's very tiring work! 2 down...4 to go! We are able to drink all the soda we want during the game, and I had Cherry Coke yesterday. I certainly didn't need all that sugar and caffiene!! I had troubles sleeping last night. I've had the same sleeping issues on nights that I've not had any caffiene, but the sugar still isn't good. My body isn't as tired this time, but I feel a little brain dead. I need to buck up because I have a challenging blog to install today!

Tomorrow is my blogiversary....I started this blog on 10/5/08. I was a super poster and reached my 100th post in Nov 08. This is my 469th post, which is still more than 1 post a day. I've just been a slacker lately...only 10 posts in September. I'd like to promise that I will start posting more, but I can't. We will continue to be super busy until after the holidays...with activities every weekend.

I can't remember if I've talked about this much, but we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next year. We've decided to take a big trip. We started the discussion on where we were going to go back in June when we passed the 19 year mark. We've had Costa Rica, Hawaii, China, and Europe on our list. Since we have TONS of frequent flier miles we started looking at our flying options. We lived in Hawaii 1990-94 and went back and visited 8 years later. 2010 would be 8 years after we were last there and thought that going to Maui would be nice. After looking at flight options and talking with an flight agent that handles the FF miles, we've realized that finding flights are going to be next to impossible for the dates we want. She said that flying in Sept or May is the best time to use miles...to go anywhere. We went to Hawaii in May 2002 on miles, but we cannot take the boys out of school in May this time. So we were back to the drawing board and came up with the idea of going to Alaska. So after a few months of discussing, we have decided to purchase a motorhome and drive to Alaska. We will be gone about a month or so. The plan is to drive all the way up using the Al-Can Highway and then float back down on the Alaska Marine Highway and drive across I90 to get home.

We've been spending a lot of time on CraigsList and eBay looking for a motorhome. Most of the good possibilities have been in the Chicago area. The good deals seem to get snatched up right away and we've just not been ready to purchase. We have 8 months before we leave, but we know that better deals can be found on used motorhomes in the fall. People don't want to keep paying for storage and are just ready for change. We have gone and taken a look at a few, including one locally that we really like. We want to purchase it, but have discovered a few 'issues' that must be fixed first. Meanwhile, we will keep looking. My father-in-law (who lives 3 hours away) owns land and will allow us to park our RV for FREE! Yea!! We will need to do some practicing camping in before our big trip. The HS youth trip for church is supposed to be June 6-12, so we will be leaving for Alaska on June 13th or 14th...which is actually after our anniversary. I'll be blogging more and more about the trip here on Diana Rambles over the next 8 months, but I have an Alaska blog in the works too. I'll post pics & details of our motorhome once we secure it.

Amazing Race tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reality Wrap

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sorry for the delay! It's week 2 of the Fall 2009 Reality Wrap here at Diana Rambles. I am happy to report that my favorite show~ The Amazing Race (TAR15) has been added to this week's wrap!

First is The Biggest Loser~ OK...that one lady is sooo crazy!! The way she bugs out her eyes and just gives people a look. Creepy! I wanted to eat ice cream as the episode started, but she immediately turned my stomach and kept me from indulging. I think her name is Teresa or Tracy. She reminds my husband of someone he knows, so he is completely freaked out by her. She REALLY pissed everyone off. She tries to smile and be cute about it, but it's not going to work at all. Then the kicker is she lost 11 lbs...on her own. I think her days are numbered and karma is going to come kick her in the ass!! I really like Coach Mo, but she will probably drag him down with her. Allen ROCKED that challenge and saved his injured partner. Turns out he's friends with a guy I know from HS, so I joined his FB Fan Club. I thought it was so awesome how Antoine & Sean sacrificed themselves for Shay's sake. It was a great jesture. You could tell they meant it and their updates proved it. They both looked awesome and are an inspiration to many! I know Sean's blubber face bugged me last week, but he did a great job this week. So did Danny. He was actually funny!! I thought it was so cute how they showed Antoine and Alexandra as a couple at the end. Like my hubby said...there are probably more marriages from The Biggest Loser than there are from The Bachelor/ette! I am really liking the positive approach this season. I think that the overall weight loss percentages might be higher at the end of the season.

Survivor~ Well, Russell didn't looks so bad this week because Ben stole the DB (d**che bag) spotlight. They both have some serious issues. And who is Yasmin to come over to their team, call them names, and try to tell them what to do?? I can't believe she didn't get slapped! Her team probably sent her over to get a break from her.
Right when it started DH pointed out that the person getting booted is usually the first or 2nd to be shown when the episode starts. I said then Betsy & Russell will be the first 2 to talk...and guess what? They were. And who got booted? Betsy!! So tonight I totally expect to see either Ben & Ashley or Russell & Ashley speak first...and Ashley will be booted. Then the preview for next week will show Russell's plan to pick off Ben. I think they are going to play out this 'Russell is the mastermind' thing for a while. I do like that he's confiding in Jaison. I really like Jaison and think that their alliance could help Jaison go further in the game. He's my fav player, and I do think he has a chance to win...but I will stick with last week's prediction. (I should write up my review of each show within a day or so of viewing it so that I can remember everything that happened!!)

And finally~ The Amazing Race!! I loved how they started out with a challenge. Some of the teams were spot on and figured it out. I am not surprised by the 2 teams that were duking it out for the last spot...and NOT sad at all to see the Yoga couple get philiminated. They would have really BUGGED me! I had a hard time getting into the episode at first because the Japanese gameshow was so out of character for the show. Wasabi!!! I did enjoy it though. I am glad that it was a 2 hour/2 leg show. I would have liked to see the Poker girls go home, but they are good for ratings. So far I really like the Gay bros (Sam/Dan) and Zev/Justin. They are rocking it. I was surprised by Pinky & the Brain (dad/son). I think they have a chance to go far. Teams that really annoy me so far are Mika/Canaan and Megan/Cheyne. I think that Lance will become more annoying as the show goes on too. I think this season's bottom feeders will be Erika/Brian and eventually Marcy/Ron. I predict the final 3 teams to be Sam/Dan, Megan/Cheyne and Herbert/Nathaniel or Maria/Tiffany. I say Sam/Dan for the win.



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