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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've been very bad about taking photos lately. I've already posted the ones I took over the weekend, so there is no WW this week. I will post my reality wrap tomorrow before Survivor airs!

Happy Birthday Son

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My son is 11 today! (Yes...the same age as Google!) He was born on a Sunday afternoon, much like today. He was a little bruiser when he was born. He's such a sweet little guy now.
This is one of my fav pics that was taken next to the rose on the alter announcing his birth at church...the Sunday after he was born.
Here he is today...enjoying his gifts!
This pic was taken a few weeks ago!

Homecoming 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tonight was the homecoming dance for my son's school. He had a great time and looked so cute with his (first) date!

Reality Wrap

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's that time of year again...new seasons of my favorite reality shows.

Biggest Loser~ We missed the first episode but watched last night. I was confused at first, but it didn't take long to figure out they are trying a completely different approach this season. They are supporting each other, having the group work as a big team, and Jillian & Bob (I think that's his name) are working together to help the contestants lose weight and be healthy. I liked the challenges they had and was pleased to see the big loses in week 2. Maybe no one going home was a huge incentive. It will be interesting to see how they handle the rest of the season. Will it turn cut throat like last season or will it be supportive (and emotional)? Speaking of emotional...2 of the guys are way too emo for me! You've got to know which ones. I think one is named Dave and the other has a major baby face. I was shocked when he said he was married with kids. I thought he was about 18 yrs old. Other than those blubber heads, no one else stood out to me. Of course I am working on (designing) blogs while I watch, so I don't pay 100% attention.

**Speaking of redesigned blogs...check out my biz blog: http://customblogdesigns.blogspot.com**

Survivor~ Every season I predict a winner after the first episode has aired. I am 8 for 18 in picking winners...and each of those have been male winners. Sadly I am going to be 8 for 19. I am just not getting a read on this season. It's probably going to be a female winner...which is fine by me. I am not sure if it should be called Survivor or the Russell & Shambo show. Both are quite unique individuals. Russell is a complete ass and Shambo is such a throw back! I can't believe the producers let him get away with burning Jaison's socks, but I also believe that he's a CBS plant. They picked him to be on the show to stir the pot...like Coach!! I think that people will figure out his agenda quickly but not go against him because they don't want to get booted. We need a good Russell blindside! Is it me or do Kelly & Natalie look like the same person? I really like Jaison so far. Haven't really had a chance to form opinions on others!

OK...so predicting a winner. If it's going to be a woman then I would rule out Shambo, Betsy, and all the blondes. That leaves Yasmin, Monica, Elizabeth, and Laura. Of those 3 if I were going to go out on a limb I would say (I'm practically picking a name out of my hat!) Monica.

Wordless Wednesday: Naked Tuba

An Overdue Ramble

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hi! I am here and doing fine...just VERY busy! Not only have I not been blogging, my FB activity is way down. My daughter has started back to preschool 3 mornings a week. She goes to a cooperative across town, so either I am working in the classroom OR I hang out on that side of town. I'm also trying to be diligent with my exercise program, which means less time online. Even though the weather has been perfect lately, I've started working out in the house on the elliptical. I feel like I get a harder workout with 30 mins on the elliptical than I do walking outside for about an hour. Or at least it's different muscles. I am also in charge of fundraising for the youth groups at church. Our big events are working concessions at the college football games. It's a long day on your feet, but it's a great way to bring in money for youth trips. There is a lot of admin stuff that goes along with the concessions and other fundraisers we are doing. I didn't think all of that was enough (chuckle) so I volunteered to teach Sunday School with a buddy of mine from church. We are doing the 2nd & 3rd grade group. None of my kids are this age, but I think I will still enjoy it. I am also helping with a few social ministry events this fall, including our 6th annual Day of Service which was today. I started this event back in 2004 and I am proud that it's still going strong. I oversee the fleece blanket part of the day. We make those no-sew fleece tie blankets and donate them to a local women's shelter. I have a few blisters on my right thumb from all the cutting. My teen's activities include marching band & competitions and taking him driving. #2 has piano lessons and just started band at school. He's in percussion. We've wanted to sign DD up for some kind of dance or gymnastics, but I am not sure where we'd fit it in right now. On top of all of this is my blog makeover biz. It's still going strong, but I've slowed my work pace down a little bit over the past few months. Still keeping plenty busy and always getting little work like blog buttons, maintenance, and adjustments going on. I am certainly not the busiest person out there...but things are definitely not boring around here since summer is over!

The new TV season is upon us too. I know...it sounds bad to say that TV is such an important part of my life, but I enjoy the mindlessness/relaxation it provides. This year I am watching Survivor, The Office, Amazing Race (starts 9/27!!), and probably Glee. I've heard so much lately about Glee and how great it is. I watched all 3 episodes they've shone so far and I am not sure how well I like it. It will probably be something I record and then if I have time I will watch. The Cubbies have been stinking it up this year, so I've not even been watching them.

I will post my reality wrap for Survivor within the next few days.

First Day of 3s Preschool

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My New Look

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yesterday I posted my before & after of my haircut for Wordless Wednesday. Today I'll add the details. I posted recently about how I am sick of my Frumpy Plain Jane look. Part of it is my body image. I've gained weight the last few years and I am not pleased with myself. Last week I started a new exercise program. This week I decided that it was time to work on my looks. I didn't want to wait until after I lost weight to get some style. My long hair has been driving me nuts, so I had it cut and I am donating it to Pink Hearts Fund. They make wigs for cancer patients, but unlike Locks of Love they will accept gray hair. They will also take colored or permed hair. You can read more about my day at the salon and the progress of my transformation at Sited & Blogged.

Wordless Wednesday: Before & After

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

details soon!



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