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I ♥ Faces - Just for Fun

Monday, June 29, 2009

This week's challenge theme for I ♥ Faces is wedding bells, but I don't have any decent photographs...so I decided to go with the alternate just for fun theme. There is no judging on this category, which is fine cause I don't think I ever have a (snowball's chance in &@!!) chance to get picked. I thought 2 of my entries had merit, but I am probably the only one who thought that. No knock on the professional photographer participants out there, but I am not sure how fair the challenges are. I liked the one week when they had professional & amateur categories. I'm just a mom trying to preserve childhood memories and have a little fun...and hopefully learn some new skills along the way.

I picked this pic of my daughter that I just love. It just captures her perfectly. I just LOVE the shape of her eyes (that always have a twinkle) and her pretty mouth and chin. She's only 3, but I think this photo is a little window into what she will look like when she is older. Simply beautiful!

Self Portrait Sunday

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maria's Space hosts a weekly meme called Self Portrait Sunday. I thought I'd participate this week. I got 2 new pair of sunglasses today and Dori and I struck a diva pose! LOL!

What Should I Wear?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Next weekend we are going to Iowa for the wedding of some friends from college. They've been together over 20 years and are finally tying the knot! I was chatting with the groom via FB today and I inquired about the dress. He said he is wearing a suit & tie. He thought people would go dressy casual. Wedding is in a Baptist church and then a reception at the hotel (where we are staying.) It's a brand new hotel, but not a super upscale. I don't have much in the way of dresses so I am wondering if pants or even dressy capris are OK? I'd probably go with some kind of blouse that needs ironing (my idea of nice!) Does that sound OK? What would you suggest I wear?

For DH & DS, I am having them wear khakis and button shirts, and DD will wear a dress. DT (teen) is staying home.

See ya, FFFF!

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's official. I have retired my Family FotoFun Friday meme. It never really caught on like I hoped and no one seemed to miss it when I stopped. As you can see I've rearranged my top tabs to include I ♥ Faces, which is the photo meme I am participating in now.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sad that Farrah passed, but TOTALLY SHOCKING that Michael Jackson died! I was never really a fanatic (although I did buy a few of his albums on tape), but he did leave a mark on my mid-late teens!

I only have 2 kiddos!

Yes, I have 3 children, but only 2 of them qualify as kiddos. What is my definition of kiddo? Young enough to need supervision and help from mom on a daily basis. My teen is just that...a teen. Off with friends, hanging in his room, playing his own (video) games, and in general not in need of much direct parenting. I am OK with this, especially because we've all been getting along pretty well this summer. It's just become very evident to me. In the past the teen & younger brother would hang out and play and young daughter was left to tag along or hang out with mommy. Now younger brother & young daughter are two peas in a pod. Actually younger brother is in daycamp in the mornings, so he gets his time without siblings. But in the afternoon they play together so nicely and the teen is no where to be found.

There are 5.5 years between child #1 & #2 and 7+ years between #2 & #3...so we are probably only a few years away from #2 wanting to go his own way and #3 being on her own. Hopefully someone moves into the neighborhood with a girl her age. Maybe we should adopt again so she will have a playmate! LOL (yup...note the LOL...we are quite certain that our family is complete!)

Wordless Wednesday: More Splash Fun

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Let's Hear it for the Boys

Monday, June 22, 2009

Taken a few minutes ago as my son played in our little blow up pool. Not sure why it shows up blurry, but if you click the photo you will see how fun the full size is.

Ice Cream Socialization

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pics from our party last night.

Catching up!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Today was the warmest day of the year so far and we spend a few hours outside cleaning out gutters and straightening the garage. Nothing like putting it off! Actually DH had to take a vacation day, so we had time. Last year when we got a new roof, gutters, and siding, they put on those gutter cover thingies. I think it's called gutter helmet or something like that. They did a quick install and failed to tack down the back of several of the pieces so junk got in and the gutters were clogged in several places. Eric worked his butt off in the heat and humidity and removed the covers, cleaned it all out, then properly reinstalled them.

I am glad he cleaned them out because we had some major storms come through this afternoon/evening. We've had 2 lines of storms go through already and a 3rd is on it's way. During the 2nd storm, Eric was on the north side of town at doggie training and the kids & I were at an end of VBS picnic. It was very stormy with heavy rains and then the tornado sirens went off. We all ran inside (about 50 of us in a pool house) and took cover. Jake wanted us to go home because he was worried that the downstairs would flood (and his Xbox was on the ground.) Someone who had a blackberry or iphone connected to the net and found out that there was a tornado sighted on the north side of town. Not long after that the rain started to let up and the kids and I went home. Things were clearing up to the west and I felt save to drive. We got home immediately after Eric and he told us he saw the tornado. It was about 300 yards to his left and he felt the back of his (old clunker) truck vibrate. He pulled between a few buildings til he saw it clear and then headed home. He did see several downed trees (on cars and buildings) and scattered sheds, ect on the way home. We all remained calm and are home safe and sound. When the boys were younger they were freaked out by storms, but they stayed calm. I am proud of them! Anyway, since our gutters are working well, the back drain isn't encountering as much water, so no flooding!

As I mentioned, we had VBS this week. Our church does it in the evening. The theme was Crocodile Dock. Dori was the youngest participant and Parker was the oldest. I was a crew leader and Jake helped in the preschool room. Dori LOVED it, especially the crafts. Here she is in her Croc visor. This was Parker's last year, but Dori has many years of VBS to come!Tomorrow night is our annual Welcome Summer Ice Cream Social. We've had several that were a little chilly, but the forecast is for warm & humid with a chance of storms. We just might have to socialize inside! I think I bought too much ice cream, but I found our that our teen invited a bunch of friends...so hopefully we have enough! Here's the invite~We've had a good summer so far. Getting along nicely with our teen which is such a relief. He has summer school and Park is in daycamp, but overall we've been very laid back. I like it!! No vacation plans at all, but we are going to a friend's wedding in Sioux City in a few weeks.

Have a GREAT weekend!! Hope your weather is nice!

Wordless Wednesday: First Cherry

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Week 23 Sepia Toned

Monday, June 15, 2009

Her onesie says it all!

Wordless Wednesday: Party Girl

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Win a dress like this in my giveaway below!

Happy Anniversary

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

19 years ago today in a small chapel at 32nd Street Naval Station in San Diego, Eric & I got married. 19 years...that's a LONG time!Now we are way more mature, a bit heavier, but overall still happy!
No plans for celebration this year, but 20 is going to be BIG!

I ♥ Faces - Sharing our Vacation Stories through Photos

Monday, June 8, 2009

This week's theme for I ♥ Faces is vacation photos. I am sharing our photos from a day in Hong Kong in Oct 2006. We were in Hong Kong on our way to adopt our daughter in China. It was a wonderful day and an awesome trip overall!! See a list of entries here.
Designed with Secret Garden Kit by Dawn Inskip

Make Something Monday: My Own Concrete Slab

I was at a potluck last month and someone brought in a Concrete Slab from Culvers. It was cookie dough flavored and very yummy. I stopped in Culvers to see how much they were last week (as I prepped for DH's big 4-0 bday party!) and saw that they were $20. I didn't want to spend that much, so I made one myself...for under $10.Here's how I did it.

I lined a 9x13 cake pan with cling wrap. I filled it with 2 containers of (softened) Cookie Dough Ice Cream and stuck it in the freezer. Then I lifted it out of the pan, turned it over onto a tray, cut up chunks of premade refrigerated choc chip cookie dough, poured fudge on top, and refroze. It was a HUGE hit at the bday party and got gobbled up right away!

Wal-Mart Gripe

Thursday, June 4, 2009

OK...I know many out there are NOT fans of Walmart at all. I am pretty thrifty, so I do quite a bit of my shopping there. I went to my regular WM today and see a sign in the fabric department that says 50% liquidation all fabric. DARN! Area WMs have been taking out their fabric dept and just filling it with other crafty things...scrapbooking, kids crafts, baking & decorating, ect. I had figured that they were just going to leave the fabric dept in certain stores, or at least I hoped. There weren't many picking out fabric, but one man was hording it. Apparently he's a quilter and he teaches quilting classes. By his looks I figured he worked in an auto shop, but whatever! I pick out a few bolts and stand there waiting for a while. When I realized that the stack there was all his, I went on and got my groceries and came back. They were just finishing up with him when I returned. I ended up buying 3 fabrics that I couldn't pass up, some trim to embellish some things for Dori with, and a bunch of fleece for a blanket charity project that we do at church.

I guess WM just wasn't making enough money off fabric sales. You know it must have been bringing profits down or something. They've carried many great fabrics over the years and I know they've saved me a bunch of money on my sewing projects. I am not in a sewing phase right now, but when I return I will have to follow sales fliers for JoAnn, Hancock, Hobby Lobby, etc so that I can try to get some savings. I am sure that many at home crafters are going to feel the pinch with WM not selling fabric anymore!

Wordless Wednesday: Pics from our weekend in St. Louis

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Make Something Monday: Another Doll

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dori & I went to St. Louis and stayed with another mama & her girl over the weekend. I made her a doll like Dori's. I should have gotten a picture of each girl with their doll!

I ♥ Faces - Week 21 Pets

This week has a special pets theme. Here is a pic I recently took of our dog, Cooper.Go to www.iheartfaces.com to join in on the fun or to check out the other entries this week!



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