Diana Rambles: April 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Our New Dog

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I know it's supposed to be wordless, but here is our new dog that we got at the humane society this week. His name is Cooper von Floofin Snoof.

Give a Dog a Blog!

Monday, April 27, 2009

We adopted our dog tonight...and he already has a blog. It's rather plain for now, but I will pimp it SOON! Get to it here. We named the dog, Cooper von Floofin Schnoof...based on Abby's suggestion on a previous post. I'm going to either create or send something to Abby for putting in the winning suggestion.

So far so good. No accidents and no barking. He's sleeping in his crate (which he seems to like) next to Parker's mattress (which is on the ground.) I think we wore him out.

Where did the past few days go?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We've been very busy the last few days and they seem like they have passed with the wink of an eye. I've already told you about our FUN Friday. Yesterday we slept in a little bit. Eric & Parker went to see Hotel for Dogs and Jake went to the movies with friends. I just hung home with Dori to make sure she was OK. She seemed to be doing well so we decided to go to the Humane Society to see if there were any dogs we liked. We looked at a bunch of dogs and ended up picking out a Cocker Spaniel mix that is very cute! They named him Nibbles, but we are renaming him Cooper. We want the name to be longer. We are thinking Cooper von _______ _______ or Cooper de la ______ ________. We aren't sure but we want a fun long goofy name for him. Dori & I think he's too cute to be a boy, so we plan on putting bows in his hair or on his collar. LOL! I guess sort of a cross dressing dog! Anyway we need help with naming the dog. Please leave your name suggestions in this post and if we use one of them then I will send the suggester some sort of prize. Here is a pic of Cooper~Last night I slept very well and felt like I was recovering from Friday, but then I donated blood and I am feeling a little week and mellow. It's super warm here too...but I refuse to turn on the A/C in April. I struggle to turn it on in May!!! We've been cleaning and straightening and also relaxing. I went through my clothes and pulled a lot out to send to Goodwill.

I need to go pick up our teen at a friends and then get back for dinner. My sis and her family are coming over and we are going to BBQ. Then it's Amazing Race! w00t!! I think that Jen/Kesha will be the next to go. Speaking of reality...how about that blindside of Tyson on Survivor???

Recent Awards

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I got popped by Erin at MomBuzz.
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I also got the Uber Amazing Blog award from Melinda at Look What Mom Found. She gave it to me because I handled a very stressful March quite well.

And a while back I got the Generosity Award from Abby at Simply Charming in SC.
Simply Charming in SC

And Jamie just game me the new Queen of ALLL Things Awe-Summm!!! Award.

And I know this is lame, but someone awarded me this a few months back and I forgot to post it. I am sorry I don't remember who. I am HORRIBLE about awards!!

I know I am supposed to pass these on...and I am just worn out from yesterday and have to go run some errands. Maybe later...

An Eventful Day... (TMI!!)

Friday, April 24, 2009

We got up early this morning to take Dori to the hospital 90 miles away to get an ultrasound and have her stint removed. She wasn't able to eat or drink anything, but did OK. Eric had to lay next to her during the U/S, but she didn't fuss. Our doctor got held up by an emergency so we waiting in pre-op for a while. It's a kid area, so she played with toys and watched SpongeBob. I asked if I could stay upstairs near the recovery area since she had such a strong reaction to the first anesthesia, but they said she would be OK and that I had to go to the waiting area downstairs. Her procedure only took the doctor about a minute to perform, but they had to put her under.

We didn't wait long until we were notified that it was done. About 10 mins later I got called to the recovery room. As soon as I got off the elevator I heard her screaming. I was walking in quickly and they knew I must be mama. I rounded the corner and they had 6 nurses holding her down. She was really kicking & screaming!!! She was awake but had such fear in her eyes. As soon as I picked her up and held her close she calmed down. The ended up moving us within 10 mins to the step down recovery. Whenever she got agitated I had to sing to calm her down. She finally dozed off and was asleep for over an hour. By that time Eric was up there. I learned that she was soo agitated when she got to the first recovery that they gave her a narcotic. I am not too pleased with this. She didn't need this for pain...they just did it to manage her. Why didn't they let me be close by so I could be there to calm her? I know it's procedure and it's a different set of nurses in recovery, but I don't think she needed it.

Her procedure was at 12:30 and we were on our way by 3pm. Once they took the IV off (and she calmed down) and we got her dressed she started to perk up. She drank some milk right away, but held her arm that had a small bandage from the IV removal up as if she couldn't move it ALL the way home! She was much happier after I removed it and gave her some milk when we got home. All afternoon/evening she's been flitting around like her normal self. A few times she said she was tired, but seemed ok after she just rested for a few minutes.

She started getting tired and itchy around 8pm. I took her in for a quick shower and she seemed better. We decided to head to bed early and let both her and Parker (who hasn't been feeling well this week) lay between us for a while. After we had Parker go to bed, she just kept moving around and seemed a little agitated. Then she started puking all over her, me, and our bed. Luckily we were on top of the sheets & a blanket, so it didn't soak through to our mattress. Quick action~ I sat her up and made sure she was OK and Eric jumped up and got some towels. Needless to say our sheets/blankets/towels are in the washer. We are all cleaned up and Dori is now asleep between us. We won't sleep well if she's between us, but I worry sh

OK...that is as far as I got and she started puking again. It's going to be a long yucky night!


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FFFF #24: Anything April

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is the last week of Anything April for Family FotoFun Friday. I am posting Family FotoFun Friday a little early because I won't be home tomorrow. This is the final week of the Anything April theme. I’ve enjoyed seeing the variety of photos that people have posted. You can post whatever photo(s) you’ve taken for this week's entry. Come back here and link your post on the Mr. Linky below. You can grab the FFFF button code above. Detailed directions for participating in FFFF and how to do get the direct URL to your post can be found here.

I just took these fun pics of my daughter this evening. The first is her dressed up in her 'kung fu clothes'. She has a Dora belt! LOL! (sorry it's blurry!)The second is what she wore to do her running tonight. Complete with bike helmet and sunglasses. Goofy girl!!Now is your turn! Post a photo or 2 with a link to this site then add the link to your post to the Mr. Linky below. PLEASE put the direct link to the post in the Mr. Linky. Direct link is best so people don't have to scroll through your blog to try to find your post. You have until Thurs, April 30th to post it. Looking forward to your pics!
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Wordless Wednesday: Peace on Earth Day Shirt

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday Ramble + Reality Wrap

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's 11:30 and I just realized I need to post. Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday...and I am committed to remaining wordless (unlike some of my bloggy friends...LOL!) I participate in memes on M, W, & F, so I often feel the need to ramble on S, T, or Th nights!

We had a good weekend. We were busy so it seemed long. On Saturday morning I met an IRL bloggy buddy at Panera. We like to get together to gossip and complain. Then I took my daughter to a bday party. It was a pretty nice day out at the park, although it wasn't sunny. On Saturday afternoon, DH & I took off to go shopping for my bday. One of the moms at the bday party suggested Macy*s, so we started out there. They were having a big sale and I had printed out a 20% off coupon online. It was nice to not have my keys or kids or a backpack to keep track of. I just kept picking stuff out and handing it to Eric to hold until I tried things on. Amazingly the stuff that fit me the best was on clearance. I ended up getting 5 shirts and a pair of skinny jeans for $62...that included tax! w00t! By the time we got done with that we grabbed a quick dinner at Panera. I am not that big of a fan, but I felt like having soup and they were close and quick. Then we hit Kohls for some more shopping. We recently got a lot of great clothes for DH at Kohls, so I figured I'd find a lot. Kohls is were I get most of my clothes. Well, I was kind of disappointed. I just didn't find much. Now part of that is because I've gained weight and things don't fit right and another part is because I am trying to dress nicer and I passed up some of the usual things I would have picked. But overall it wasn't that great. I got 2 capris, a shirt, and a black cardigan. The shirt has some cute little ruffles on the front. The capris are identical to ones I have from there that have gotten faded and worn. Eric didn't want me to get any cardigans (he wants me to get rid of all the ones I have), but this is a dressier sweater one and he said it was OK. I still am going to get rid of a lot of my clothes. Then we hit Target. Big disappointment, but I did see one shirt I liked. The only reason I tried it on was because I liked the fabric...I figured the cut of the top would not look good, but I was surprised. Turns out the top wasn't on sale...so I passed. Then we hit Meijer. I normally don't go to Meijer, but I was open to something new. They actually had a bunch of the same type of tops I got on clearance at Macy*s (for double the price), but not in my size. We did get some groceries and headed home. We were gone nearly 5 hours and the kids never called. They were all getting along well when we got back. We were pleased.

We went shopping again on Sunday after church. We went looking for some Heelez for Parker at Dicks, but they didn't carry any. Shoe Carnival (doesn't sound inviting...does it) was right there so we ran in. We found the shoes he wanted and then they announced buy one and get one 1/2 price. So Eric grabbed some black Sketchers in his size. (He got some of the same Sketchers in brown at Kohls last month and he LOVES them!!! But didn't see any black 13s when were were at Kohls on Sat night) Anyway, both were happy so we headed out for more shopping for me. We went back to Macy's since they had the best deals. I ended up getting 2 more summery shirts and 2 nice looking work out type pants for cheap. Then I ran into Target to get the shirt I passed up the night before. LOL! I still have nearly all the clothes stuffed in their shopping bags. I have been wearing some the past few days.

10 mins after I dropped off my 10 yr old at school this morning he called to say he didn't feel well. Uhm...he failed to mention anything to me before school. His teacher sent him to the office since strep has been going around the class. Turns out he had a little fever. So he was home today just relaxing. He felt better and got a spurt of energy this afternoon and did all the work that his teacher sent home with him, but he was up about an hour after he went to bed in pain. Our kids don't get sick and miss school very much, so I am a bad judge as to whether they should go to school or not. I'll see how he is in the morning. If he goes has strep, I just hope no one else gets it. Especially Dori as she has her follow-up surgical procedure on Friday...which requires a general. We'd prefer to not reschedule.

I was able to get some a few things I have been putting off on my to do list today. I called the hospital that did Eric's surgery at the beginning of January to ask if they've sent a bill yet...and they said they would after insurance has gone through. We did get a BIG bill for Dori's surgery, but I called and they said just wait for insurance for that one too. I only have 1 errand tomorrow, so I should get a few more things I have been putting off done.

OK...quick reality wrap~ I was really hoping that they would oust Coach. He is so delusional! As a friend of mine said on FB, if Coach wins...he is no longer watching. I'd have to agree. Love Amazing Race being in China. Victor and Tammy grew on me a little. The whole byotch fight thing is just DUMB! Mini M&Ms being philimnated was predictable! Phil keeps trekking away on his ride across the US. He's in Davenport, IA tonight. I am enjoying following along via Twitter & FB. Here is his site: http://philridesacrossamerica.com/ I was surprised by Kristin's ousting on Biggest Loser tonight. She's been practically narrating the show for several weeks now, so I thought she'd make it to the end.

Make Something Monday: Texas Sheet Sheath Cake

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yesterday was my birthday and I requested a Texas Sheet Cake. Now my friend, Claire, who was born & raised in Texas tells us that it's a Texas Sheath Cake, not sheet cake. Anyway, I wanted one. So today I read out the recipe that I found at Recipezaar to Eric as he prepared it. This cake is amazingly easy and quick to make. We did the recipe without any nuts (although I would have preferred them!) and Eric only used 1 stick of butter instead of 2, but it turned out GREAT! See how happy I am? (I am pictured in new clothes we bought for me this weekend!)Here is a pic of the cake and a link to the recipe: http://www.recipezaar.com/Texas-Sheet-Cake-13554 You can make the entire thing in well under an hour!! w00t!

FFFF #23: Anything April

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday, so that means it's time for Family FotoFun Friday. The theme for this month is anything goes. That means you need to post at least 1 photo and tell us about it. Any photo...any theme. Come back here and link your post on the Mr. Linky below. You can grab the FFFF button code above. Detailed directions for participating in FFFF and how to do get the direct URL to your post can be found here.

Since my birthday is on Sunday, I am posting pics from my birthday. I really don't like talking about how old I am (although I am younger than Harriet!! LOL!), but obviously this was a big party for a big year...and my oldest child is nearly 16 yrs old...so do the math! I think I looked pretty darn good on my bday...and it's all been downhill since!!!!!!!! So I guess we can say I was truly over the hill!!
This potty has a history of going from friend to friend as a different gift!
Me & Eric
The Talking Diana Doll
My son & godson
Now is your turn! Post a photo or 2 with a link to this site then add the link to your post to the Mr. Linky below. PLEASE put the direct link to the post in the Mr. Linky. Direct link is best so people don't have to scroll through your blog to try to find your post. You have until Thurs, April 23th to post it. Looking forward to your pics!
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Reality Wrap

Thursday, April 16, 2009

OK...I am way overdue on a reality wrap. I think there has been 2 episodes of Survivor and 1 episode of AR since I last posted.

Survivor~ That was a sad way for Joe to go out. Not that I was a big fan of him, but to be removed due to injury sucks! So they've merged...not sure what's going to happen next. I don't like Coach at all...but I do like a blindside...so it would be interesting to see if they get Brendan tonight. But then I'd want them dumping Coach ASAP after that. But then there is the secret alliance...which looks like it comes to life tonight. So who would they vote for? Either way it looks to be a good episode. Early on I picked JT or maybe Brendan for the win...but now I am thinking Tyson or maybe even Erinn. I really like Stephen and would love to see him win.

Amazing Race~ What a crazy episode in Thailand. I can't believe how stupid those teams were for leaving their packs behind. And they saw the others going back and getting their packs. And Kesha & Jen...barefoot? I thought they were OUT for sure!!! Both they and Mark/Michael made some BONE-HEADED moves...and they are still in. M/M have some HUGE things to overcome next leg...which heads to CHINA! w00t! OK...was the karaoke not the most hilarious? OMG...too entertaining!! M/M were sooo clueless about the trannies! They said they had to sing nice for the 'pretty girls'. LOL!! Here are some images I pulled off a message board! OMG....TOO FUNNY!

OK...speaking of AR...I just love Phil Keoghan. He has the BEST job in the world. Did you know that he is riding across the US right now to raise money for MS? Here is his website: http://philridesacrossamerica.com/ There are links to his FB account (yup...I am one of his friends!), Twitter, and video blog links. I love to follow blogs of people riding their bicycles across the US and reading about all the people they meet along the way. Phil will be in IL in a week, but we have to take our daughter to have her stint removed...so we can't go see him. BUMMER!!!

Biggest Loser~ What a sad way for Laura to leave. You never thought she'd make it this far, but she's done great. Everyone looked so GREAT with their makeovers...even Ron...who I can't STAND! It seems like Kristin gets the most TV time. Does that mean she's in the final 2?

Wordless Wednesday: Parker's Awesome Break-Dance

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

photo credits: Jake

Make Something Monday: Cascarones

Monday, April 13, 2009

One of the things we do for Easter each year is go to a dessert potluck & egg hunt with friends. The hosts always make cascarones and the kids have a blast breaking them on each other. Cascarones are a decorated egg shell filled with confetti or bird seed. This is the first year that we made cascarones. Here is how we made them.Gather egg shells. I'd suggest starting around Christmas. When you are using eggs, just crack off the end of the shell, wash it out, and let it dry. We colored ours with our regular Easter eggs, but that meant the insides were wet. We dried them out by popping them in the oven for a few minutes. Lay the eggs out in cartons with the opening up. Put birdseed in each~ we did about 1/2 full. Cover the end with some tissue paper. We got the tissue paper to adhere by using a foam brush to apply white glue with a little water added in. That will dry nicely and keep the seeds in. We let the kids gather their eggs and when all are collected we let them smash them on each other. FUN!

Exciting Saturday!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tomorrow is a big day for our city. There is a brand new marathon. They expected a total of 2500 entries (for all events) and there are 9000 registered. We don't have much traffic here, but tomorrow will be a HUGE impact! What really got me about the whole thing is the marathon will be going down our street. We live on one of those side streets where the only traffic we have is people that live here. It's not a cut through at all...BUT the marathon is cutting through. Unfortunately we won't be home! We are going to an awesome family event that goes all day long. I did take some signs left over from Tuesday's local elections, turned them inside out, and put out some signs of encouragement for the runners. Some people got port-a-potties on their curb...I am glad we just have recycled signs! LOL!

The kiddos were out of school today. We slept in (although DH had to go to work), did a little straightening, some errands, and did Easter eggs. Dori *LOVED* it. Here are her eggs. We got this cool kit that included collapsible little cups to put the dye in. Very cool!!Parker is spending the night at a friends tonight and Jake has friends over, so we decided to go out to eat with Dori. Tomorrow is the family event and tomorrow night we will get everything ready for Easter. We need to make something for a dessert potluck and egg hunt, prep Easter clothes, and make some potatoes for Easter lunch. We will be eating with my sis & family. Then in the afternoon head to that dessert potluck with friends. And then Sunday night is Amazing Race! I also want to watch Sunday's episode of Extreme Home Makeover, but I will have to record it.

Speaking of AR, did you know that the host, Phil Keoghan is riding a bicycle across the US right now? Here is the website: http://philridesacrossamerica.com/ It's coming through Illinois, but we have to take our daughter for her follow-up surgery so we can't go see him. The website has a link to his Facebook & Twitter. Anyway, with the week off...I am looking forward to the return of AR this week!

Have a great weekend!! What are your plans????



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