Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reality Wrap: Week ?

I have been a total slacker on my weekly reality wrap. In fact 2 shows ended since my last wrap.

The Biggest Loser~ All I can say is WOW! The contestants looked amazing! (Although Rebecca looks like she's trying to be a hooker!) I was floored by Crazy Tracey. She really seems to have pulled it together. I thought for sure that Rudy had it won when he got weighed, but Danny blew past him. Danny looked worried at first. I am guessing the contestants aren't allowed to weigh themselves to they get all the drama/excitement that goes with each weigh in. While Rudy & the others might not have won the money, they certainly won health and a longer life!!

The Amazing Race~ That final episode was short and not very exciting. I cannot believe how many commercials there were. They could have made a Las Vegas leg WAY more interesting. And the Alpha couple that dominated the game winning...zzzzzzzzzzzz!! I've read somewhere that Brian/Erika got ripped off. The dealer that was counting their chips made a mistake and mixed one chip into another pile which had them off by a few hundred. I guess the dealer was mortified by their mistake and Brian/Erika might have won if she didn't make the mistake. Who knows? The 16th season is being run right now and the spoilers are already out there. I don't read the spoilers at all but I heard there are several mactors competing. I think one is the old guy from Big Bro and that ditzy beauty pageant contestant who couldn't answer some basic geography question. (not the same team) Should be interesting!!

DH~ I just watched the Christmas episode last night. I have no idea when it aired, but I think that is the last new episode we will see for several weeks. I've found the last several eps to be VERY boring, but this ep was GREAT! It really built things up and then left them as a HUGE cliffhanger. So who died? I am guessing Mona and Karl. Orson was so easy going and agreeable with Bree when she asked for the divorce that you just knew something was up. It doesn't make sense for Orson to die because then Bree can just go on with her life. But Orson surviving, his ego coming into play, and him being able to hold things over Bree seems to make sense. Lynette saved Celia's life, so she is going to be a hero to Gabby now. I just hope the excitement of this episode spills over into the new year.

Survivor~ OK...Russell keeps dominating and I am loving it. It's funny how someone so repulsive can grow on you. LOL! I love how they pagonged all the other team off. And now it's just Shambo (who that team didn't like at all) and Brent left. Or is it Brett? I am not sure. It seems like they just snuck him into the show a few weeks ago. He was so invisible before. He's not getting the edit, so I don't think he wins. Based on the edit...Russell is the winner. The preview for tonight make it look like the remaining 6 divide up into 2 groups of 3~ Russell, Shambo, and Jaison and then McDreamy, Natalie, and invisible boy Brett. My money (all 5 cents of it) is on Russhamson. LOL! What do you think? I'll have to do another little wrap up before Sunday's finale!

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  1. Survivor will be interesting for sure. I have a love/hate relationship with Russhamson, LOL. I was a little bored with AR too, hope next season is more exciting, interesting to hear about Brian & Erica, I was really pulling for them.


  2. I'm not crazy about Rebecca's new hair style/color and I still don't get her and Daniel as a couple. But I do admire their hard work--I know I couldn't do it!

  3. Biggest Loser is my all-time favorite show. So inspirational.

    Following you too!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I am following you now...

  5. I thought my DVR was working for the Biggest Loser Finale. NOPE. It had a mind of it's own and didn't record it. But I saw Danny in In Touch Weekly and OMG! He looks amazing!

    The Amazing Race- Wow. That's all I can say. I really didn't like Brian and Erica. Her whining drove me NUTS! I was glad that Cheyne and (I forgot her name) won! They worked really hard and hardly ever yelled at each other. They worked as a team and got the job done.

    Survivor- I can NOT stand Russell. I want them to vote him off more than anything.

    Great post! I'm now following from

  6. I haven't watched DH in a while... I need to catch up!! All I get to watch these days are programs from Playhouse Disney.


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