Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 9

Survivor~ Hahaha! Russell strikes again. I love it!! He pulled a good one when he saw Dave near the idol and he took off and Dave followed. Then he doubled back and found the idol. I am so glad to see Laura gone. Great episode! I now think that Mick Dreamy or Natalie have the best chance to win! This week is a recap episode!

Amazing Race~ OK...Sam & Dan are really annoying me. FT/BE just chilled, so they are back in my good graces. I thought it was sooo funny when FT was dancing on stage while he waited. Too funny! They are very entertaining. And BE's feet were dragging in the water on that roadblock. I bet the operators of that obstacle were sweating it out! He's a BIG guy! I knew it would be a Non-Elim leg. We could see another Non-Elim or maybe they are going to run the final 3 in 2 legs. Who knows?

See my previous post for a review of the new show Find My Family.

The Biggest Loser~ Allen did well on the challenge and I was sad to see him go. I thought that Amanda would fall below and go home. I think the winner will be between Danny & Rudy.