Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 9

My weekly reality wrap just isn't getting the attention I thought it would. I feel like I am alone in these shows! LOL! I'm going to make this week short & sweet!

Survivor~ Loved it!! Russell keeps growing on me. While he is a total ass...he's a good player of the game! Dave is such an idiot. When the purple tribe was meeting and discussing the vote Monica brought up the possibility of Russell finding the immunity idol and spreading the votes just in case...but he said no way. Epic blindside...even better than the week before!

Amazing Race~ Uninspired episode! I am growing tired of the bickering between Sam/Dan & FT/BE. Meghan/Cheyne are just so I am actually wanting Brian/Erica to win. BUT I think they will not make the top 3...which leads to an uninspired end of the season. Bleh!

Desperate Housewives~ Where is the humor? This season is just becoming so serious. Double Bleh!

Biggest Loser~ I think most of the makeovers looked amazing, but I did NOT like Rebecca's hair. It didn't look right. I like how it has grown out a little bit in her follow-up at the end of the show. When it got down to her & Liz...I knew she'd get the boot. She was just too much of a threat to the others. She's did a fabulous job after her boot and she looks amazing!

OK...if you haven't watched Modern Family yet...check it out! It is SOOOO funny! It's on up against Glee, which may not bode well for the show. I just watch episodes at I watch the 3 'reality' shows live, but I will catch any others online. I like to just relax in bed and watch before drifting off to sleep!

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  1. I just have not had the excitement for TV that I have in the past. It just seems like the same thing over and over again this year. I love The Middle, it is pretty funny.

  2. Like you, Russell is growing on us as well. I like it when he is playing the game and not just being mean about his opponents. This past week's show was one of the best EVER.

    Amazing Race--I love the Globetrotters, but they need to quit worrying about the bros and just win already. I think the other teams are lame and I hate Erica whining ALL of the time. I have to disagree with you--I hope they get eliminated.

    Housewives--Just plain mean.


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