Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 7

Survivor~ I am sure I am not the only one out there complaining about how boring and predictable Survivor is this year! I’ve hear the next season is supposed to be another All-Stars, so this is just the holdover til then. I am really starting to believe that Russell goes to the final 2. They are merging tonight, which will hopefully make for an interesting episode.

**I wrote this up earlier today when I was flying the friendly skies...but didn't have internet access til now. I know Survivor already aired!**

Amazing Race~ My favorite line was Flight Time and Big Easy, You look ridiculous!
LOL! They did a great job with the dancing. I actually felt a little bad for the poker girls when they couldn’t finish the detours. I’d love to be on the race, but it would be exhausting and I am sure I’d reach my breaking point a few times. I look forward to seeing them return to the hay bail challenge next week. Remember when Lena & Christy (I think that is their names) tried for 8 hours to find the key or whatever they were supposed to find.

DH~ Another boring episode. I am losing interest!

The Biggest Loser~ YEA…finally Trazey is GONE! Karma came back to get her. But I must say when they showed her do that mile at the very end of the episode that she looked pretty good. Her upper body/head looked fairly trim. I was very surprised that Liz won the pop challenge. I thought that Allen had it by a long shot with seeking out firefighters.