Friday, November 13, 2009

No Free Wi-Fi? WTH!!

Last week I flew to Phoenix for a long weekend. I got to see all my sibs and really enjoyed my sister's wedding reception. I flew out of Indianapolis with my sis & her boys. Indy built a new airport terminal which is just beautiful! Parking, check-in, security went well. I even found a Redbox in the airport. I rented a movie that I watched on my laptop on the plane and then I returned it to a Circle K in Tempe. Anyway, we didn't spend a lot of time in the airport, but I was able to get on my computer for a few minutes and access my email and FB. The free Wi-Fi was great!

Our flight from IND to DFW had Wi-Fi on board. I figured the lack of word FREE indicated that they would charge for use. was around $10 per flight or $25 for a month's access. If you travel a lot and need to complete work, then I could see expensing the $25. For a 2 hour way! We had very little time to catch our connection to Phx, so I didn't even check for Wi-Fi at DFW.

On our return I nearly overslept...didn't get to bed til after 2am (woke 80 mins before my flight...luckily my sis lives close to the airport) so I spent most of my time at Sky Harbor waiting to go through security. No time to get online. We had a decent layover at O'Hare, so after making my way to the connecting gate I looked for a plug to charge my laptop. I found a few but they didn't work. I also tried to get online but the Wi-Fi wasn't free. WTH?! Seriously? No juice, no connection...I just gave up and went and got a massage! Best use of $20!