Sunday, November 15, 2009

Homemade Goodness

I've made some yummy goodies over the past few months that I haven't posted about yet.

First was the ice cream cake I made for my son's birthday. He asked for an ice cream cake, but I didn't want to pay so much for one...and I am not really a fan of them. So I googled and found a few directions for how to make one. This is the recipe I came up with~

Ice Cream Cake

1 box devils food cake mix
Ice Cream (I used Bunny Tracks)
1 can of whipped frosting

Directions: Start at least a day ahead of time!! Line a 9" round cake pan with plastic cling wrap. Fill it with softened ice cream (I had the Bunny Tracks set out on the counter for about 20 mins or so). Freeze. Bake cake in the other 9" cake pan according to directions. Since there was extra cake mix I made cupcakes too.

After the cake is completely cooled (I baked mine one night and put it together the next morning) then I took the ice cream out of the pan and put it on a large plate. I immediately put some frosting on top and then the cake and stuck it back in the freezer. A few hours later I pulled it out and frosted it. The ice cream will melt frost quickly. I stuck it back in the freezer for a few hours before serving. It was yummy and not as dried out as those store bought ones!!I also made 2 types of candy corn barks a few weeks ago. I saw a recipe on a recent client's blog. It had a link to another blog where they got the recipe. That is where I found the 2nd type of candy corn bark. The 2nd one asked for Halloween Oreos and I went a wild goose chase around town to find them. Both were yummy, but I think I will try them with regular (not white) chocolate next year.

Here is the first bark. Looking forward to making it with candy canes!Here is the one with oreos. It's hard to get it broken into smaller pieces. I already bought red oreos for xmas....not sure what I can sub for the candy corn. How would candy canes taste?On this side I also found a recipe for Oreo Truffles. Sorry no pic...we ate them quickly!! I think for xmas instead of rolling the balls in crushed oreos that I will roll them in crushed candy canes. YUM!