Sunday, November 22, 2009

Discussing Important Topics via Electronic Means

How do you feel about discussing important issues of life online? I am not specifically talking about posting on a blog, but rather communicating with family and important people in your life about serious issues.

I recently received a message from a FB letting me know that she has cancer. She wanted to make sure I knew about it in case she posted something in her profile about it. We actually haven't met IRL, but became friends via an online group. I feel bad that she's dealing with this, but I appreciate her letting me know. I think in this case that most people would agree that it's OK to communicate via private message/email.

I personally think that communicationing many things via message/email is acceptable and even sometimes preferred. Some things really should come via a telephone call, but others might be better digested when they can be read about. I know that I am not giving any specifics right now. I decided to write about this as I've dealt with a serious topic recently and some of the communication about it has been via email. The one person said they didn't like talking about it via email, but they knew it was the most timely/practical at that moment.

What do you think? Would you/do you communicate this way? Are there circumstances where it's not OK?