Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: 20 years ago today...

Sorry...can't go wordless on this one!

20 years ago today on a Saturday at 32nd Naval Station in San Diego, Eric & I met at an outdoor concert featuring Kenny Loggins. I was volunteering at the concert since it was being put on by MWR (who I worked for) and Eric was there to meet up with some gals he and his friend met at the enlisted sports bar the night before. Eric's friend didn't get up to go with him and he never found those reservists. BUT~ I was bound and determined to meet at guy at the concert that day...and I did!! I could go on and on about our meeting & beginnings...but this is supposed to be wordless.

Here we are that first week we met.Here is a recent pic of us.
<We had a short courtship and many family members were skeptical about us getting married so quickly. We got a lot of advise to wait...but we didn't. I know the odds were against us from the beginning, but today kicks off our year long celebration of 20 years together. We are very much in love & and I am very proud of us!