Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 6

Survivor~ Complete waste of an episode.

Amazing Race~ Complete waste of contestants: Mika & Canaan!!! I so LOVED seeing them get eliminated this week. They were such a waste of contestants. Yes...Mika provided quite a bit of entertainment value this episode with her whining & floaties, but overall it would have been nicer to see a team that actually provided some competition. While it was a little rude that Big Easy/Flight Time taunted Mika, it was actually kind of funny. She wasn't going to go anyway...so that really didn't factor in. In past episodes a preview will show someone's fears and they make it look like it will get them eliminated, but it NEVER does. This time it actually did!
I can't believe that Big Easy had such a hard time with the watch/briefcase challenge. They sure rocked the gold challenge!DH~ It was an OK episode. Nothing very exciting at all.

Modern Family~ Have any of you seen this show on ABC? I've only seen episodes online, but this show is SOOO funny!!! I just *LOVE* Cameron & Mitchell. They just crack me up. If you haven't seen this show, go to abc.com, watch an episode and let me know what you think. The first, fourth, & fifth episodes are the best!!Extreme Home Makeover~ This episode featuring the Montgomery Family was filmed nearby. I was anxious to watch it, but I recorded it because it was up against AR! I have to say that the episode was a let down for me. The local news covered EVERY part of the process, so I had seen everything shown in the episode except for the inside of the house...and they really didn't show much of that. They said was going to be a 2 hour episode, which I would have liked to see...but I guess they settled on just a hour. Many places around town showed the episode and they did get an extra hour of footage that didn't make it on TV.

Biggest Loser~ Several contestants seemed to have big breakthroughs tonight. I was sad to see Abby go. She's had so much loss in her life, but it was good to see her light up and begin to dream again. I don't think I'd have the strength to do what she's done! Daniel should have gone home. His weight loss has been such a disappointment the past 3 weeks. He's let his team down big time!! This season is all about 2nd chances, but he's gotten a third, forth, and fifth change! He might just be a cat and end up with 9 lives! I was impressed to see the black team win the baseball challenge. Their strategy got them the win...but they didn't choose the weight advantage wisely. Both Danny & Rudy continue to dominate! One of them *should* win...but no one expected Helen to win last season...so who knows.

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  1. Shoot! You just reminded me I missed DH this week.

    I've watched the first few episodes of Modern Family online. Not bad. In fact much better than some of the shows from last year that shouldn't have. Lol!

  2. i totally agree with you about mika & canaan on the amazing race....and i didn't mind big easy teasing her at all....he helped them out on the snow challenge by telling them to bring their coats...so...i could not believe that she has floaties on?!! that was funny!! and i had to laugh (i'm mean) when canaan was going to push her down that slide!!! hahaha.....i would have done the same thing!

    love reality tv!!! wish i had time to watch all the shows! i pretty much stick to survivor and the amazing race....i like so you think you can dance too.....

  3. Survivor: Almost can't remember it. Hope tomorrow is better!
    Biggest Loser: Yes, Daniel should be GONE!! Sad to see Abby go. I'm with you... I can't imagine how she makes it through each day, or how she made it through those first few months... Amazing. Now for next week, it better be either Daniel or Tracy gone!


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