Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 6

Survivor~ Complete waste of an episode.

Amazing Race~ Complete waste of contestants: Mika & Canaan!!! I so LOVED seeing them get eliminated this week. They were such a waste of contestants. Yes...Mika provided quite a bit of entertainment value this episode with her whining & floaties, but overall it would have been nicer to see a team that actually provided some competition. While it was a little rude that Big Easy/Flight Time taunted Mika, it was actually kind of funny. She wasn't going to go anyway...so that really didn't factor in. In past episodes a preview will show someone's fears and they make it look like it will get them eliminated, but it NEVER does. This time it actually did!
I can't believe that Big Easy had such a hard time with the watch/briefcase challenge. They sure rocked the gold challenge!DH~ It was an OK episode. Nothing very exciting at all.

Modern Family~ Have any of you seen this show on ABC? I've only seen episodes online, but this show is SOOO funny!!! I just *LOVE* Cameron & Mitchell. They just crack me up. If you haven't seen this show, go to abc.com, watch an episode and let me know what you think. The first, fourth, & fifth episodes are the best!!Extreme Home Makeover~ This episode featuring the Montgomery Family was filmed nearby. I was anxious to watch it, but I recorded it because it was up against AR! I have to say that the episode was a let down for me. The local news covered EVERY part of the process, so I had seen everything shown in the episode except for the inside of the house...and they really didn't show much of that. They said was going to be a 2 hour episode, which I would have liked to see...but I guess they settled on just a hour. Many places around town showed the episode and they did get an extra hour of footage that didn't make it on TV.

Biggest Loser~ Several contestants seemed to have big breakthroughs tonight. I was sad to see Abby go. She's had so much loss in her life, but it was good to see her light up and begin to dream again. I don't think I'd have the strength to do what she's done! Daniel should have gone home. His weight loss has been such a disappointment the past 3 weeks. He's let his team down big time!! This season is all about 2nd chances, but he's gotten a third, forth, and fifth change! He might just be a cat and end up with 9 lives! I was impressed to see the black team win the baseball challenge. Their strategy got them the win...but they didn't choose the weight advantage wisely. Both Danny & Rudy continue to dominate! One of them *should* win...but no one expected Helen to win last season...so who knows.