Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reality/TV Wrap: Week 5

Last week I did a great job with my reality wrap because I did a little write up after I watched each show, then published it all at once. I totally forgot to even write this up til now.

Biggest Loser~ Is Daniel going to ever lose more weight? Last week he lost nothing and this week he gained a pound. Why didn't HE go home? I know, Dina was sort of wishy-washy so she was kicked off. It was nice to see her update and how well she is doing. Daniel did make a HUGE breakthrough during the LCW, so maybe that wasn't enough time to lose weight. If he doesn't have a decent number next week then they need to can him. Overall I think the team that went home did a GREAT job. Very encouraging for all to see that you can stay fit and lose weight on your own. Trazy (Tracy + crazy) still needs to go home. She really bugs me! (OK...I admit it...I ate Twix while I watched this week!)

Amazing Race~ I was so glad to see Lance & Keri leave. They BUGGED me. But we all knew their inability to follow directions and find their way would catch up with them. I am glad they finally left Asia and went somewhere else. It sure looked HOT in the UAE. I wish they would have had to do something more than pick up a clue at the world's tallest building. But the desert and then Ski Dubai were very appropriate. OK...I cracked up at the previews for next week. It looks like Canaan is going to push Mika down the slide. And floaties? They make floaties for adults? Plu-leeze...who thinks those would have any effect when you are being flushed down a water slide? She is such a baby! He's supposed to be all religious, but he sure looks like he's going to be abusive.

Desperate Housewives~ The writers of the show are very good. Once again I was cracking up with the whole Lynette story line. The twins....LOL!!! Julie was the perfect daughter and has kind of lost her way in life. I know that the writers could make up whatever they want, but I think her storyline makes sense. She didn't get a lot of attention from her dad and she's acting out now. At first I thought Danny was her attacker, then last week I was thinking it was his I am totally creeped out that it's the dad. Yuck, yuck, yuck! I am glad she's not pregnant! Last year Marc Cherry indicated that Bob & Lee would be adopting soon. I am looking forward to that storyline being added.Survivor~ I thought that the purple team would lose again and either Monica or Shambo would head home. The beginning of this episode showed Monica talking about how she was betrayed and how she would get revenge. That type of edit makes me think she does have a chance of winning. Ashley was completely useless on the challenges....all talk and little action. Elizabeth sure rocked it. I was impressed with her strength. The edit made it look like she might be going home, but I thought it was obviously Ashley all along. There are still 14 contestants I think, so it's not time for a merge...but I've been getting this feeling that Shambo moves to the other team or aligns with them or they shake up the teams. Not sure. Previews show Jeff calling in medical during the challenge and he's standing right by a purple player with purple decorations around I was trying to figure out who. Right away I think one of the older contestants...but I didn't think it was Shambo. Since then I've seen another preview and it's teach captain Russell. Looks like a knee or leg injury. So is it enough to take him out of the game? They started with 20 contestants and the show only runs 13 weeks, so they can have a medical evacuation and still have a tribal. I don't think that Russell is a strong leader...but the team has not faced much opposition, so it hasn't tested him as a leader. I am sure his view in the tribe was strengthened by sending Shambo to the other team (and she missed the reward) for losing a chicken. So who will step up if Russell's injury is serious? In the history of Surivor I am suprised that not more have been medically removed from the game. I think it's more common now. I sure enjoyed the seafood smoothie bar. The smoothies didn't look bad at all...but I am sure they were super gross.
So tonight...Russell is out cause of injury. If yellow goes to tribal then I think Elizabeth goes home, if purple loses then they will probably axe Monica or Shambo...but I have this feeling that Shambo stays maybe it's an unexpected boot...or Russell stays and then they vote him out.