Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reality Wrap

Sorry for the delay! It's week 2 of the Fall 2009 Reality Wrap here at Diana Rambles. I am happy to report that my favorite show~ The Amazing Race (TAR15) has been added to this week's wrap!

First is The Biggest Loser~ OK...that one lady is sooo crazy!! The way she bugs out her eyes and just gives people a look. Creepy! I wanted to eat ice cream as the episode started, but she immediately turned my stomach and kept me from indulging. I think her name is Teresa or Tracy. She reminds my husband of someone he knows, so he is completely freaked out by her. She REALLY pissed everyone off. She tries to smile and be cute about it, but it's not going to work at all. Then the kicker is she lost 11 lbs...on her own. I think her days are numbered and karma is going to come kick her in the ass!! I really like Coach Mo, but she will probably drag him down with her. Allen ROCKED that challenge and saved his injured partner. Turns out he's friends with a guy I know from HS, so I joined his FB Fan Club. I thought it was so awesome how Antoine & Sean sacrificed themselves for Shay's sake. It was a great jesture. You could tell they meant it and their updates proved it. They both looked awesome and are an inspiration to many! I know Sean's blubber face bugged me last week, but he did a great job this week. So did Danny. He was actually funny!! I thought it was so cute how they showed Antoine and Alexandra as a couple at the end. Like my hubby said...there are probably more marriages from The Biggest Loser than there are from The Bachelor/ette! I am really liking the positive approach this season. I think that the overall weight loss percentages might be higher at the end of the season.

Survivor~ Well, Russell didn't looks so bad this week because Ben stole the DB (d**che bag) spotlight. They both have some serious issues. And who is Yasmin to come over to their team, call them names, and try to tell them what to do?? I can't believe she didn't get slapped! Her team probably sent her over to get a break from her.
Right when it started DH pointed out that the person getting booted is usually the first or 2nd to be shown when the episode starts. I said then Betsy & Russell will be the first 2 to talk...and guess what? They were. And who got booted? Betsy!! So tonight I totally expect to see either Ben & Ashley or Russell & Ashley speak first...and Ashley will be booted. Then the preview for next week will show Russell's plan to pick off Ben. I think they are going to play out this 'Russell is the mastermind' thing for a while. I do like that he's confiding in Jaison. I really like Jaison and think that their alliance could help Jaison go further in the game. He's my fav player, and I do think he has a chance to win...but I will stick with last week's prediction. (I should write up my review of each show within a day or so of viewing it so that I can remember everything that happened!!)

And finally~ The Amazing Race!! I loved how they started out with a challenge. Some of the teams were spot on and figured it out. I am not surprised by the 2 teams that were duking it out for the last spot...and NOT sad at all to see the Yoga couple get philiminated. They would have really BUGGED me! I had a hard time getting into the episode at first because the Japanese gameshow was so out of character for the show. Wasabi!!! I did enjoy it though. I am glad that it was a 2 hour/2 leg show. I would have liked to see the Poker girls go home, but they are good for ratings. So far I really like the Gay bros (Sam/Dan) and Zev/Justin. They are rocking it. I was surprised by Pinky & the Brain (dad/son). I think they have a chance to go far. Teams that really annoy me so far are Mika/Canaan and Megan/Cheyne. I think that Lance will become more annoying as the show goes on too. I think this season's bottom feeders will be Erika/Brian and eventually Marcy/Ron. I predict the final 3 teams to be Sam/Dan, Megan/Cheyne and Herbert/Nathaniel or Maria/Tiffany. I say Sam/Dan for the win.