Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reality & TV Wrap- Week 4

I've decide to talk about more than my fav reality shows this week.

Survivor~ Just as I suspected, the yellow team won immunity. I figured that they were going to do a challenge that totally favored them, but it was pretty close. I am not surprised to see Yazmin gone at all. She did kick butt in the challenge, but they were tired of her laziness. Monica, who was my random pick to treading on thin ice. But I did say that I was not going to be right this season. I am guessing right on a week to week basis, but no idea overall. I think they will mix it up, which will give Shambo new life. She looked so stupid when the chicken got out. She talks about how she does all this work and how she's a country bumpkin, yet she's is trying to lure the chicken by making chicken sounds. Then she claims to have produced the egg. LOL! She is strange...but entertaining.

Someone commented last week about how this season is hard to get into. I agree. I don't even remember the team names...just call them yellow & purple. And until this last episode we didn't even know who was on the purple team. I think they will lose another time or 2 and things will even out again. My opinion of Jaison has faded a little bit...whining about how hard it is and how it's the biggest mistake he's made to go on. It's called SURVIVOR! It's been on for 8 years...has he been living under a rock???? Yes, I applied to be on Survivor...but I totally expected to be an early boot due to not being able to handle the no food and crappy sleep thing. Of course I didn't get picked so it doesn't matter. I would never be on it now. I would love to be on Amazing Race though!

OK...this isn't reality TV, but I so enjoyed Pam & Jim's wedding on The Office! You just knew that Pam being pregnant was going to slip out in front of Granny! And Michael just had to stand up at the dinner and make an ass out of himself. It was too funny that Pam's sister thought that Oscar & Kevin were partners! I also enjoyed the story line about Kevin's shoes and Andy's split injury. I like their secret wedding on the Maid of the Mist. I have never seen that You Tube video...if it really exists. GREAT episode!!

Amazing Race~ I am SO sad that Zev & Justin are out of the game. I really liked them and their sense of humor. This leg of the race was going so well for them and somehow they misplaced Zev's passport. I just watched the Elimination Station at and when Z&J went to the US Consulate to get a replacement passport, Zev's passport had been turned in. It was found at the temple where the monkey dance was. They had gone into the temple and it was dark so Justin reached in their pack and pulled out a flashlight. They think the passport fell out then. They weren't even supposed to go into the temple. Such a bummer!! I thought they were a strong team. Certainly one of the more entertaining teams! I am glad to see that they are traveling quite a distance next week, although all teams will probably end up on the same flight. It looks like they will do just about everything related to the UEA. I know that The Amazing Race Asia has gone there a few times, but TAR hasn't spent a lot of time there.

Desperate Housewives~ I can't figure out what the new family is trying to hide. I have been convinced that Danny choked Julie, but maybe it was really the mom. Strange family. When is Susan going to follow up on Julie thinks she's pregnant thing? I guess when she wakes up. Proper Bree is just too funny with Carl. I am loving the storyline about Lynette being pregnant. When they told their kids I was laughing so hard. The lecture from the oldest son and the other kids comments were just too funny!! And then Lynette's exchange with Carlos over her promotion. Blatant discrimination, but she has to cover it up. And then Tom drinking so much wine at the important client dinner. That was just too funny...especially when he told Gabby what he thought of her dress. Too funny!! Love this (mind candy) show.

The Biggest Loser~ We just got home from a long day of purchasing our RV and I missed the beginning of the show. Of course Crazy Tracy wins the challenge! I saw the part when she divided up the teams. She is sure playing to win the game. I don't think she's playing to change her life and to lose weight so much...but she wants to WIN the game. She was very strategic in dividing the teams. And then her blue team won the videos from home challenge. The black team was so defeated, but they ROCKED the weigh in. I was so glad to see Tracy's team lose cause I thought they were going to ax her. She soooo needs to go. BUT NO...Coach Mo throws himself under the bus and he goes home. I missed much of this part, but what were they thinking??? Did they keep Tracy cause she's less than a threat? Liz mentioned something about keeping her to go further in the show, but it's not making sense to me right now. Can someone explain it? But overall there was good weight loss this week!! I was naughty and ate 2 cookies during the show.