Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reality Wrap

It's that time of year seasons of my favorite reality shows.

Biggest Loser~ We missed the first episode but watched last night. I was confused at first, but it didn't take long to figure out they are trying a completely different approach this season. They are supporting each other, having the group work as a big team, and Jillian & Bob (I think that's his name) are working together to help the contestants lose weight and be healthy. I liked the challenges they had and was pleased to see the big loses in week 2. Maybe no one going home was a huge incentive. It will be interesting to see how they handle the rest of the season. Will it turn cut throat like last season or will it be supportive (and emotional)? Speaking of emotional...2 of the guys are way too emo for me! You've got to know which ones. I think one is named Dave and the other has a major baby face. I was shocked when he said he was married with kids. I thought he was about 18 yrs old. Other than those blubber heads, no one else stood out to me. Of course I am working on (designing) blogs while I watch, so I don't pay 100% attention.

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Survivor~ Every season I predict a winner after the first episode has aired. I am 8 for 18 in picking winners...and each of those have been male winners. Sadly I am going to be 8 for 19. I am just not getting a read on this season. It's probably going to be a female winner...which is fine by me. I am not sure if it should be called Survivor or the Russell & Shambo show. Both are quite unique individuals. Russell is a complete ass and Shambo is such a throw back! I can't believe the producers let him get away with burning Jaison's socks, but I also believe that he's a CBS plant. They picked him to be on the show to stir the Coach!! I think that people will figure out his agenda quickly but not go against him because they don't want to get booted. We need a good Russell blindside! Is it me or do Kelly & Natalie look like the same person? I really like Jaison so far. Haven't really had a chance to form opinions on others! predicting a winner. If it's going to be a woman then I would rule out Shambo, Betsy, and all the blondes. That leaves Yasmin, Monica, Elizabeth, and Laura. Of those 3 if I were going to go out on a limb I would say (I'm practically picking a name out of my hat!) Monica.