Thursday, August 13, 2009

I was hit by a truck!

Not really, but I was violently ill last night. I had a lingering migraine (without pain...just pressure) for a few days, but it started getting very bad last evening. I am not really sure if the headache was actually the same migraine or not, but it came on strong last night. I tried to buck up and do our night walk and then look for meteors with my son, but by 10:45 I couldn't stand it any longer. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and will often just go to bed when I get a headache and that takes care of it.

I woke up after about an hour or so and felt so much pain. DH was really surprised by my reaction to the pain. He was super helpful and supportive and took care of me. When he suggested that we go to the ER I got scared. I finally was able to relax which was the key. I still had the pain and sickness, but it was so much better to deal with when I was calm. I was finally over it by 3:45 and slept until 9:15 or so. I wasn't sure if the headache happened cause I was getting ill or if the headache was so bad that it caused me to be ill. No one else here got sick, so I don't think it was something I ate.

I am feeling pretty weak today. I only have a slight headache and am just hanging out on the sofa. I must be pretty depleted cause my calves keep cramping up. I've had a few bananas and some apple sauce. I am watching the Cubs, which certainly isn't helping the recovery!