Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am tired of being a Frumpy Plain Jane!!

I am not real happy with my appearance right now. It's mostly the weight I have put up over the last 2 years since I became more sedentary with digital scrapbooking and designing blogs. I've put on about 30 lbs. With being a work from home mom, I don't have many occasions to go out and look nice. I don't wear make-up much (which I am OK with...I'm more of a natural girl), but I don't really do much to take care of my looks either. I do try to take care of my skin with cleansing and sunscreen, but day in and day out I am just so plain and boring.

It's time to do something about it. My time is being freed up a little with the kids back in school and I am going to take advantage of that. I am starting a walking program that I found in the April '09 issue of Prevention magazine. This plan focuses on ab fat, which is really where I carry my weight. We do walk for 30 mins each evening with our dog, but it's usually a moderate pace. We will continue those walks, but I am going to start waking up an hour earlier to get a fast paced walk in. This program has you speed walk 3 days and basic walk 2 days a week. There are also ab sculpting moves that I will do 3 days a week. This morning I timed how quickly I can walk a mile, which determines how long I need to walk. I also just took all my body measurements and got a photo so that I can see the results. I've never been much for weighing myself and prefer just to see how my clothes fit. I got rid of a lot of my frumpy clothes earlier this year, so I don't feel the need to go out and buy more at all. (I know...I missed some frumpy clothes!)

I am also growing very tired of my plain long hair! Yes, it's looked nice at the recent weddings we attended, but I am not going to bother curling it on a daily basis. My hair is about 20" long and I've been interested in donating it. Locks of Love does not want any grey hair, so I've been trying to find an alternative. I are SHOCKED that I have any grey and just thought it was all blonde, but it's not. lol! I don't color my hair. Anyway, last month I was at a girls night out for a friend that was getting married and mentioned how I was sick of my hair but couldn't find a place to donate it. The bride's sister mentioned The Ponytail Club. I googled it when I got home and found out they accept ANY hair!! Even colored, permed, or treated! Plus they only need 6 inches of hair. I contacted them and they are looking forward to getting my hair.

Now normally people start losing weight and then have a makeover as they near their weight loss goal, but I don't want to wait. I will be getting my hair cut soon (not short!) and take a few other steps to feel pretty. I am starting the health part of it one element at a time. I think it might be overwhelming to change my eats and exercise all at once, so I am just going to start with fitness. I think this will naturally lead me to eating healthier. I really don't eat all that bad, just too much! I haven't set any specific goals, but maybe I will work my way up and be able to get up really early and run with Harriet!