Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of 5th Grade

School started today. Parker starts 5th grade. He was cooperative with the annual pic this morning and even gave me a hug across the street from school. That was as far as he wanted me to go. I don't think the teen will be as cooperative on his first day tomorrow!

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  1. i can't believe kids are already in school. My kids only have a little more than a week left though. I remember the days when we didn't go back till after Labor Day

  2. We start next Thursday. My son is starting 9th grade...high school...i can't believe it. Us getting up at 5:45am is NOT going to be fun.

  3. My Abby is starting kindergarten on Monday. They grow up so fast.

  4. How sweet! Makes me a little sad. I always miss the first day of school since I'm a teacher. His dad takes the day off every year and takes him. It's nice that they get to have that tradition but I feel left out and like I'm missing something :(

    I can't believe summer is over already!

  5. Yeah, no. My teens couldn't even say "good-bye" this morning. Although I do think they were pretty much sleep-walking to the bus stop!

  6. lol My kiddo won't be cooperative the first day I'm sure. He already says he hates Middle School and he hasn't gotten there yet. We start back Sept. 1st.

  7. Happy 1st day...
    LOVE the 1st day of school pictures..
    Where is the others...
    bring them on..
    LOVE IT..

  8. Great pic! Hard to believe school has started already.

  9. Keep taking those pictures. You will treasure them in the future. I even took a few when they started college but they kinda drew the line there.

  10. Great picture! The older they get, the harder it is to get our kids to cooperate for a picture.

    We start school on the 31st - which is actually early for us - usually it is not until after labor day. My oldest is going into first grade. Full day - whoo hoo!


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