Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Weekend & Back to Reality

We had a very nice weekend in Sioux City. It was great to see my friends, see some sights, and relax. The kiddos really enjoyed all the fun snacks, fancy cable in the hotel room, and of course swimming. We covered a total of 1255 miles!

Here we are on Friday night walking back to our hotel after dinner. There was a parade going on and everyone just walked right in the middle of it. So we joined in.Saturday we visited the self-proclaimed "Ice Cream Capital of the World". It was a little hokey, but the kids enjoyed the soda fountain. They got pressed pennies and Dori calls it her 'Ice Cream Social' penny.Saturday afternoon was the wedding. Here we are at the reception. And for those of you who posted a comment here or at FB about my attire, here is what I wore. It was very appropriate! As you can see I curled my hair...that's something I haven't done in YEARS! (I don't wear makeup much either...although I need to!)Swimming at the hotel and 4th of July sunset out our hotel window.
We were not looking forward to our LONG drive home yesterday, but it wasn't so bad! The 9+ hrs ticked by quickly. We play a game called Name It & Claim It in the car. Much like Name That Tune. We scroll around on the radio and try to be the first to name the song & artist. If you just get one of them, then we say 50%. Just something I've done with some of my siblings in the past. When we come across a song we really like we will just listen. We also caught the entire Cubs game (Yea...they WON!) which really helped time go quickly. Dori entertained herself with body art. I think she's got some pretty good skills for a 3 yr old! Dori just informed me that the circle under me is not my body. It's her! And Parker is up above her knee. Silly smarty pants!!It's nice to be home, but it's back to reality. Messy house, needy kids, work, dog, chores, errands, etc. I have a FULL plate of clients lined I should wrap this up and get to work!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!