Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Help with Cleaning Dog Hair

OK...so we adopted the cutest dog we could find at the Humane Society a few months ago. But he sheds! D'oh! The hair was getting out of hand so we had him groomed. Now the hair in the house is just shorter. It's driving me NUTS! We've used a broom, a vacuum, and even a Swivel Sweeper. They all just seem to push the hair around, but it's so hard to pick up. The vacuum & Swivel Sweeper just shoot the hair out at faster speeds! Do you have a suggestion on how we can get this dog hair up? Is there something that attracts the dog hair and actually helps you get it off the floor??? What has truly worked for you?

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  1. A vacuum that is made to handle pet hair is key. There are some that just don't handle it well. I have a $50 hoover one from Wal Mart that works wonders.

  2. I have cat hair and that little teeny tiny cat litter that typically shoots out the back of all vacuum cleaners UNTIL I found my ORECK vacuum. I do not work for them or get paid for them--I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oreck Ironman!! It is a little canister vacuum that picks up everything. I do a quick vacuum each day and it never leaves anything behind. I swear it is a dream machine.

    I used to wear out vacuums in months--but this thing refuses to die. I actually replaced the hose after 3 years and the motor is going strong. Get the Oreck, Diane. Not cheap, but it is the answer.


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