Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wal-Mart Gripe

OK...I know many out there are NOT fans of Walmart at all. I am pretty thrifty, so I do quite a bit of my shopping there. I went to my regular WM today and see a sign in the fabric department that says 50% liquidation all fabric. DARN! Area WMs have been taking out their fabric dept and just filling it with other crafty things...scrapbooking, kids crafts, baking & decorating, ect. I had figured that they were just going to leave the fabric dept in certain stores, or at least I hoped. There weren't many picking out fabric, but one man was hording it. Apparently he's a quilter and he teaches quilting classes. By his looks I figured he worked in an auto shop, but whatever! I pick out a few bolts and stand there waiting for a while. When I realized that the stack there was all his, I went on and got my groceries and came back. They were just finishing up with him when I returned. I ended up buying 3 fabrics that I couldn't pass up, some trim to embellish some things for Dori with, and a bunch of fleece for a blanket charity project that we do at church.

I guess WM just wasn't making enough money off fabric sales. You know it must have been bringing profits down or something. They've carried many great fabrics over the years and I know they've saved me a bunch of money on my sewing projects. I am not in a sewing phase right now, but when I return I will have to follow sales fliers for JoAnn, Hancock, Hobby Lobby, etc so that I can try to get some savings. I am sure that many at home crafters are going to feel the pinch with WM not selling fabric anymore!

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  1. I saw an article, somewhere, can't find it, that said that Walmart was closing the fabric department in all of their stores so that they can reconfigure their stores to spread out the merchandise more so that the stores seem more spacious and are easier to shop.

    I googled and saw that some stores are not closing their fabric departments.

    There is also a petition you can sign if you want to protest the closing of the fabric departments:

  2. Yep! Here in the Valley {Texas} WM fabric dept. are gone!!!
    I also found out about 3 months ago that there is no more layaway and it has been gone for years,lol. I felt so dumb when I approached the lady with a bunch off stuff ready to put them on layaway, silly me!

  3. I think it stinks too that WM is getting rid of fabrics. There are 3 of them within a 20 mile radius of me and only 1 carries. Good luck trying to get some service to get your fabric cut tho. Yikes, I waited for 15 min once and ended up walking out.


  4. I was so sad and put out about this too!!! I just noticed that Lola mentioned a petition!

    I jumped over here from your address on the Sisterhood Award! (Did you make that little award? How creative!)

  5. Uhmmm...I just think Walmart there a place for me here!?! Hoping that you and Dori find Littlemissblanketsandstuff and decide that she is awesome instead! Have a good day in the center of the country!

  6. Yes this has happened her in NC too. Just crazy!

  7. I can't believe you want to WM on a Thursday and didn't tell me. Whaa ;(

  8. well, you would think I would be Dont get me wrong, I dont agree with their policies, but I also am pretty thrify, so more Diana, Johns in the

    Sorry to hear about the fabric dept. I know there seems to be alot of fabric stores closing, I guess people just arent sewing much anymore.

    I was thinking Joanne as I was reading, but you already mentioned them as being more expensive then walmart.

    at least you dont have the sewing you have time to look around. time, when your shoppiing and someone is 'hoarding' things, when they are not looking, just take it out of their shopping cart.

    I know I did that on holloween when i needed a red light, this woman took all of them...

    so when she wasnt looking, i just took one out of her

    justify it like this "it was never theirs to begin with, they didnt pay for it and plus, how does one know if its a cart full of stuff waiting to be re-shelved?"

    I know, im an awful person.

  9. That is too bad about the fabric. I don't buy alot at our walmart because had such a small section any way but I buy all my thread there.
    Sing up for the email and flier programs and Joann's and Hancocks that way you almost always have a 40%off coupon. I also have Jim signed up so I can get 2 :0).
    It is so hard to get good fabric at a decent price.

    As for Wal-Mart I loved the one in CA when we lived there but the local one now is miserable I will avoid it any time I can.

  10. @ John - You ROCK! I would have told one of my kids to grab the item and if the person said something I would have made them feel guilty because, how would I child know. Yeah, I would totally throw my kid under the bus. lol!

  11. Oh man I sure hope ours does not get rid of fabrics. That is the only place within 40 miles that I can even buy fabric at. I'll be really upset if they do! Sheesh!

  12. I guess I will have to drive an hour to buy fabric now because no one here sells it but WM! Gives me an excuse to come visit you and Harriet I guess! LOL!

  13. I hate to see the fabric dept go. They seem to only be available in the smaller WM. Our smaller WM is going bye bye in October as they build the largest WM in the nation. I was told by the lady in the fabric dept. that they are cutting the staff that cuts the fabric. They will still have sewing notions but nothing that requires paying someone to cut it. I buy many of my ribbons there and I will be sad to see it go. I need to keep my eyes open for the big 50% off sale!!! I just saw the petition site on Lola's comment. I'm going in...


  14. Here in KY the frabric section is great. I don't get alot cause I don'thave alot to do any more. My baby is 15 going on 16. So she is not a fan pof having things done any more.
    We do have a H/L here and I jsut don't go there at all. is to far for me to drive.

    But hope that you find a good thing to keep youcraft going on..

  15. I was just talking about this the other day as our Wal-Mart is one that still has a fabric department which I would soooo hate to lose. I am hoping to do more sewing (just got a new sewing machine) and would be bummed if it closes. The nearest fabric store is 30 minutes away.

  16. Anything you want me to look for you in Florida WM, let me know...I will.

  17. We still have our fabric dept. in our Walmart, but I think the newer ones being built around here never had a fabric dept. JoAnns keep getting worse and worse with their coupons too. It used to be that you could use your coupon with the clearance, but they won't let you anymore. This is why I am now pretty much soley buying second hand fabrics!

  18. So far we've been lucky, but our Hancock stores closed about a year or so ago! They said they may keep one open, but I have no idea where it is. =(


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