Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wal-Mart Gripe

OK...I know many out there are NOT fans of Walmart at all. I am pretty thrifty, so I do quite a bit of my shopping there. I went to my regular WM today and see a sign in the fabric department that says 50% liquidation all fabric. DARN! Area WMs have been taking out their fabric dept and just filling it with other crafty things...scrapbooking, kids crafts, baking & decorating, ect. I had figured that they were just going to leave the fabric dept in certain stores, or at least I hoped. There weren't many picking out fabric, but one man was hording it. Apparently he's a quilter and he teaches quilting classes. By his looks I figured he worked in an auto shop, but whatever! I pick out a few bolts and stand there waiting for a while. When I realized that the stack there was all his, I went on and got my groceries and came back. They were just finishing up with him when I returned. I ended up buying 3 fabrics that I couldn't pass up, some trim to embellish some things for Dori with, and a bunch of fleece for a blanket charity project that we do at church.

I guess WM just wasn't making enough money off fabric sales. You know it must have been bringing profits down or something. They've carried many great fabrics over the years and I know they've saved me a bunch of money on my sewing projects. I am not in a sewing phase right now, but when I return I will have to follow sales fliers for JoAnn, Hancock, Hobby Lobby, etc so that I can try to get some savings. I am sure that many at home crafters are going to feel the pinch with WM not selling fabric anymore!