Thursday, June 25, 2009

I only have 2 kiddos!

Yes, I have 3 children, but only 2 of them qualify as kiddos. What is my definition of kiddo? Young enough to need supervision and help from mom on a daily basis. My teen is just that...a teen. Off with friends, hanging in his room, playing his own (video) games, and in general not in need of much direct parenting. I am OK with this, especially because we've all been getting along pretty well this summer. It's just become very evident to me. In the past the teen & younger brother would hang out and play and young daughter was left to tag along or hang out with mommy. Now younger brother & young daughter are two peas in a pod. Actually younger brother is in daycamp in the mornings, so he gets his time without siblings. But in the afternoon they play together so nicely and the teen is no where to be found.

There are 5.5 years between child #1 & #2 and 7+ years between #2 & we are probably only a few years away from #2 wanting to go his own way and #3 being on her own. Hopefully someone moves into the neighborhood with a girl her age. Maybe we should adopt again so she will have a playmate! LOL (yup...note the LOL...we are quite certain that our family is complete!)