Friday, June 19, 2009

Catching up!

Today was the warmest day of the year so far and we spend a few hours outside cleaning out gutters and straightening the garage. Nothing like putting it off! Actually DH had to take a vacation day, so we had time. Last year when we got a new roof, gutters, and siding, they put on those gutter cover thingies. I think it's called gutter helmet or something like that. They did a quick install and failed to tack down the back of several of the pieces so junk got in and the gutters were clogged in several places. Eric worked his butt off in the heat and humidity and removed the covers, cleaned it all out, then properly reinstalled them.

I am glad he cleaned them out because we had some major storms come through this afternoon/evening. We've had 2 lines of storms go through already and a 3rd is on it's way. During the 2nd storm, Eric was on the north side of town at doggie training and the kids & I were at an end of VBS picnic. It was very stormy with heavy rains and then the tornado sirens went off. We all ran inside (about 50 of us in a pool house) and took cover. Jake wanted us to go home because he was worried that the downstairs would flood (and his Xbox was on the ground.) Someone who had a blackberry or iphone connected to the net and found out that there was a tornado sighted on the north side of town. Not long after that the rain started to let up and the kids and I went home. Things were clearing up to the west and I felt save to drive. We got home immediately after Eric and he told us he saw the tornado. It was about 300 yards to his left and he felt the back of his (old clunker) truck vibrate. He pulled between a few buildings til he saw it clear and then headed home. He did see several downed trees (on cars and buildings) and scattered sheds, ect on the way home. We all remained calm and are home safe and sound. When the boys were younger they were freaked out by storms, but they stayed calm. I am proud of them! Anyway, since our gutters are working well, the back drain isn't encountering as much water, so no flooding!

As I mentioned, we had VBS this week. Our church does it in the evening. The theme was Crocodile Dock. Dori was the youngest participant and Parker was the oldest. I was a crew leader and Jake helped in the preschool room. Dori LOVED it, especially the crafts. Here she is in her Croc visor. This was Parker's last year, but Dori has many years of VBS to come!Tomorrow night is our annual Welcome Summer Ice Cream Social. We've had several that were a little chilly, but the forecast is for warm & humid with a chance of storms. We just might have to socialize inside! I think I bought too much ice cream, but I found our that our teen invited a bunch of hopefully we have enough! Here's the invite~We've had a good summer so far. Getting along nicely with our teen which is such a relief. He has summer school and Park is in daycamp, but overall we've been very laid back. I like it!! No vacation plans at all, but we are going to a friend's wedding in Sioux City in a few weeks.

Have a GREAT weekend!! Hope your weather is nice!

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