Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reality Wrap

We sure enjoyed the entire season of Amazing Race. We figured that Tammy/Victor would win, although it looked Margie/Luke would win there for a while. Luke just got confused and frustrated. Victor played it smart by gathering all the surfboards first and then arranging them. I think Luke was so worn out from running back and forth...that it added to his frustration. Looking forward to season 15, which hasn't been run yet.

Survivor~ I am glad that they got rid of Debbie. PLEASE dump Coach next!!! I think it's amazing the the Jalapao trio has survived and thrived. I still think that my original pic, JT has a chance...but I would really like to see Stephen win.

I am starting this post during The Biggest Loser finale. Most everyone looks great, and Jerry is amazing. He's in the lead and I think he will win. I'll finish this post when the winner is announced.

YEA~ Jerry won. Ron came so close! Ron lost nearly 200#, but still needs to drop more!

OMG~ Helen looks so thin!! I think she will win!

YUP~ WOW...that was so close!!! I wish they had shown more at the end...they had so many commercials that they only had a chance to announce the winner and then it was over. I think Tara was shocked. Her percentage weight loss was actually less than Mike's.