Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ramble Time

I am tired!! From my head to my toes tired. Let me back up and explain.

On Monday I had my yearly physical. My health & vitals are all excellent, but I put on 17 lbs in a year. And I had put on nearly 10 the year before. YIKES! I know that if I keep going at this pace, my vitals won't be so great and other problems will arise. So I decided at my appointment that I will change things. I am going to focus on eating less, eating healthier (cutting out processed crap), and getting consistent exercise. Did great the rest of the day. Actually went to bed feeling a little hungry.

Monday evening we adopted a dog from the local humane society. Getting a dog immediately increases your exercise. I've been walking him a lot and he PULLS! We are working on training him, but he is still pulling a lot. My upper body is sore. Not really a bad sore, but a I've been working out sore. We've been walking at a brisk pace each night and pushing the jog stroller while DH has the dog. I can really feel it in my legs too. A few times I've wanted to cut the walk short, but I've pushed through. I've been doing great on my eats! I've even increased my fluid intake. I bought some lemons and have them cut up to put in water. That has gotten me to drink more. I am sure it's just water weight, but I already feel slimmer. More important that slimmer is that I know I am making healthy choices and I am not suffering at all.

The dog needs constant monitoring and I've been keeping him at my side nearly all day long. It's paying off! But I've noticed I am a little grumpier by trying to handle a dog, kids, house, work, etc. The constant rain wasn't helping. We finally got a break and have been rain free this weekend. We spent a lot of time outside, which has lifted the spirits and added to the soreness. LOL!!

OK...time to interject a little reality wrap. Survivor~ Oh man...I wanted Coach gone, but he won immunity. I really thought they were going to blindside Debbie, but poor Sierra was voted off. I can't say I am a huge fan of hers, but she got a bad wrap. From the previews it looks like Debbie is going to turn on Coach. PLEASE!!! He's such an @$$! Amazing Race~ I've really enjoyed the last 2 episodes in China. I have not been to any of the places they went, but it's been fun to see. I knew it would come down to Kisha/Jen & Redheads for the last spot. It looks as if they were just a minute or so apart, which meant the potty stop cause Kisha/Jen to be eliminated. My opinion of those 2 have gone down over the last several episodes (actually my opinion of everyone has...except for I started actually liking Tammy & Victor), BUT that one redhead (I can't tell them apart) is HORRIBLE! How can she go to other countries and expect people to speak English and help her out and treat everyone so poorly? Certainly adds credence to the term 'Ugly American'! Anyway, I am looking forward to the finale next week...which looks like it turns out neck & neck. I think that Tammy & Victor will win.

On Sunday evenings I always try to figure out what is going on the following week. In addition to our regular activities, I've got to take the dog to the vet tomorrow, Jake has a concert on Thursday night, Parker's school is hosting a Mother's tea on Friday that he REALLY wants me to go to, and we are having a Bark-B-Q on Saturday to introduce our dog to our friends. I can't think I am logging off and heading to bed!

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  1. Sounds like you have been a busy woman! I am making healthy changes in my lifestyle too. It is difficult at first but well worth it. Hang in there =)

    Congrats on the new dog!

  2. Guess who has a paid look ad sitting in her widget?

    You look fine to me :)

  3. What a busy week! I am trying to make healthier choices and lose weight as well, and after two babies in three years at my age, I really am going to have to work. I have started doing an hour walk around our local i hurt at first...LOL!

  4. Sounds like so much fun my dear. I have a Mothers Tea this week too :) How fun!

  5. Why do those pounds we work so hard to lose nearly always find us again? Now I sit on my tush waiting for my bad knee to heal and I can almost feel the fat trying to get onboard.


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