Diana Rambles: Where did the past few days go?

Where did the past few days go?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We've been very busy the last few days and they seem like they have passed with the wink of an eye. I've already told you about our FUN Friday. Yesterday we slept in a little bit. Eric & Parker went to see Hotel for Dogs and Jake went to the movies with friends. I just hung home with Dori to make sure she was OK. She seemed to be doing well so we decided to go to the Humane Society to see if there were any dogs we liked. We looked at a bunch of dogs and ended up picking out a Cocker Spaniel mix that is very cute! They named him Nibbles, but we are renaming him Cooper. We want the name to be longer. We are thinking Cooper von _______ _______ or Cooper de la ______ ________. We aren't sure but we want a fun long goofy name for him. Dori & I think he's too cute to be a boy, so we plan on putting bows in his hair or on his collar. LOL! I guess sort of a cross dressing dog! Anyway we need help with naming the dog. Please leave your name suggestions in this post and if we use one of them then I will send the suggester some sort of prize. Here is a pic of Cooper~Last night I slept very well and felt like I was recovering from Friday, but then I donated blood and I am feeling a little week and mellow. It's super warm here too...but I refuse to turn on the A/C in April. I struggle to turn it on in May!!! We've been cleaning and straightening and also relaxing. I went through my clothes and pulled a lot out to send to Goodwill.

I need to go pick up our teen at a friends and then get back for dinner. My sis and her family are coming over and we are going to BBQ. Then it's Amazing Race! w00t!! I think that Jen/Kesha will be the next to go. Speaking of reality...how about that blindside of Tyson on Survivor???


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