Diana Rambles: Tuesday Ramble + Reality Wrap

Tuesday Ramble + Reality Wrap

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's 11:30 and I just realized I need to post. Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday...and I am committed to remaining wordless (unlike some of my bloggy friends...LOL!) I participate in memes on M, W, & F, so I often feel the need to ramble on S, T, or Th nights!

We had a good weekend. We were busy so it seemed long. On Saturday morning I met an IRL bloggy buddy at Panera. We like to get together to gossip and complain. Then I took my daughter to a bday party. It was a pretty nice day out at the park, although it wasn't sunny. On Saturday afternoon, DH & I took off to go shopping for my bday. One of the moms at the bday party suggested Macy*s, so we started out there. They were having a big sale and I had printed out a 20% off coupon online. It was nice to not have my keys or kids or a backpack to keep track of. I just kept picking stuff out and handing it to Eric to hold until I tried things on. Amazingly the stuff that fit me the best was on clearance. I ended up getting 5 shirts and a pair of skinny jeans for $62...that included tax! w00t! By the time we got done with that we grabbed a quick dinner at Panera. I am not that big of a fan, but I felt like having soup and they were close and quick. Then we hit Kohls for some more shopping. We recently got a lot of great clothes for DH at Kohls, so I figured I'd find a lot. Kohls is were I get most of my clothes. Well, I was kind of disappointed. I just didn't find much. Now part of that is because I've gained weight and things don't fit right and another part is because I am trying to dress nicer and I passed up some of the usual things I would have picked. But overall it wasn't that great. I got 2 capris, a shirt, and a black cardigan. The shirt has some cute little ruffles on the front. The capris are identical to ones I have from there that have gotten faded and worn. Eric didn't want me to get any cardigans (he wants me to get rid of all the ones I have), but this is a dressier sweater one and he said it was OK. I still am going to get rid of a lot of my clothes. Then we hit Target. Big disappointment, but I did see one shirt I liked. The only reason I tried it on was because I liked the fabric...I figured the cut of the top would not look good, but I was surprised. Turns out the top wasn't on sale...so I passed. Then we hit Meijer. I normally don't go to Meijer, but I was open to something new. They actually had a bunch of the same type of tops I got on clearance at Macy*s (for double the price), but not in my size. We did get some groceries and headed home. We were gone nearly 5 hours and the kids never called. They were all getting along well when we got back. We were pleased.

We went shopping again on Sunday after church. We went looking for some Heelez for Parker at Dicks, but they didn't carry any. Shoe Carnival (doesn't sound inviting...does it) was right there so we ran in. We found the shoes he wanted and then they announced buy one and get one 1/2 price. So Eric grabbed some black Sketchers in his size. (He got some of the same Sketchers in brown at Kohls last month and he LOVES them!!! But didn't see any black 13s when were were at Kohls on Sat night) Anyway, both were happy so we headed out for more shopping for me. We went back to Macy's since they had the best deals. I ended up getting 2 more summery shirts and 2 nice looking work out type pants for cheap. Then I ran into Target to get the shirt I passed up the night before. LOL! I still have nearly all the clothes stuffed in their shopping bags. I have been wearing some the past few days.

10 mins after I dropped off my 10 yr old at school this morning he called to say he didn't feel well. Uhm...he failed to mention anything to me before school. His teacher sent him to the office since strep has been going around the class. Turns out he had a little fever. So he was home today just relaxing. He felt better and got a spurt of energy this afternoon and did all the work that his teacher sent home with him, but he was up about an hour after he went to bed in pain. Our kids don't get sick and miss school very much, so I am a bad judge as to whether they should go to school or not. I'll see how he is in the morning. If he goes has strep, I just hope no one else gets it. Especially Dori as she has her follow-up surgical procedure on Friday...which requires a general. We'd prefer to not reschedule.

I was able to get some a few things I have been putting off on my to do list today. I called the hospital that did Eric's surgery at the beginning of January to ask if they've sent a bill yet...and they said they would after insurance has gone through. We did get a BIG bill for Dori's surgery, but I called and they said just wait for insurance for that one too. I only have 1 errand tomorrow, so I should get a few more things I have been putting off done.

OK...quick reality wrap~ I was really hoping that they would oust Coach. He is so delusional! As a friend of mine said on FB, if Coach wins...he is no longer watching. I'd have to agree. Love Amazing Race being in China. Victor and Tammy grew on me a little. The whole byotch fight thing is just DUMB! Mini M&Ms being philimnated was predictable! Phil keeps trekking away on his ride across the US. He's in Davenport, IA tonight. I am enjoying following along via Twitter & FB. Here is his site: http://philridesacrossamerica.com/ I was surprised by Kristin's ousting on Biggest Loser tonight. She's been practically narrating the show for several weeks now, so I thought she'd make it to the end.



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