Monday, April 27, 2009

Give a Dog a Blog!

We adopted our dog tonight...and he already has a blog. It's rather plain for now, but I will pimp it SOON! Get to it here. We named the dog, Cooper von Floofin Schnoof...based on Abby's suggestion on a previous post. I'm going to either create or send something to Abby for putting in the winning suggestion.

So far so good. No accidents and no barking. He's sleeping in his crate (which he seems to like) next to Parker's mattress (which is on the ground.) I think we wore him out.

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  1. YAY! Welcome, CVFS! Whether you are a cross-dressing doggie or not, you're the luckiest dog in the world! With a name like that, what else could you possibly need in life??

    And girl, you crack me up. Give a Dog a Blog? What is wrong with you?? ROFLOL I love it!! xx

  2. Oh my word, don't ask me why I now feel the need to follow a blog about a dog but I've signed up anyway! LOL Knowing you, there is bound to be some fun things happening over there!

  3. I adore his name! It makes me giggle everytime I say it! He's the luckiest pup around, as far as I'm concerned! Welcome home, Cooper von Floofin Schnoof! I'm off to read your blog!


    PS: My cat, Scooter has a blog, too! :)

  4. Um....ONLY the queen of blogland would give their dog his own blog ... does he get input on the color scheme? And his name? OMG ... I nearly spit my coffee out!

  5. LOL you crack me up girlie :) Aren't you busy enough with blog design and all these other blogs .. LOL

  6. I don't think a o blog is strange. We've had one sine last summer. It's fun and the dogs are getting much better at punctuation and spelling. Gonna hope over and check out Cooper's.


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