Diana Rambles: An Eventful Day... (TMI!!)

An Eventful Day... (TMI!!)

Friday, April 24, 2009

We got up early this morning to take Dori to the hospital 90 miles away to get an ultrasound and have her stint removed. She wasn't able to eat or drink anything, but did OK. Eric had to lay next to her during the U/S, but she didn't fuss. Our doctor got held up by an emergency so we waiting in pre-op for a while. It's a kid area, so she played with toys and watched SpongeBob. I asked if I could stay upstairs near the recovery area since she had such a strong reaction to the first anesthesia, but they said she would be OK and that I had to go to the waiting area downstairs. Her procedure only took the doctor about a minute to perform, but they had to put her under.

We didn't wait long until we were notified that it was done. About 10 mins later I got called to the recovery room. As soon as I got off the elevator I heard her screaming. I was walking in quickly and they knew I must be mama. I rounded the corner and they had 6 nurses holding her down. She was really kicking & screaming!!! She was awake but had such fear in her eyes. As soon as I picked her up and held her close she calmed down. The ended up moving us within 10 mins to the step down recovery. Whenever she got agitated I had to sing to calm her down. She finally dozed off and was asleep for over an hour. By that time Eric was up there. I learned that she was soo agitated when she got to the first recovery that they gave her a narcotic. I am not too pleased with this. She didn't need this for pain...they just did it to manage her. Why didn't they let me be close by so I could be there to calm her? I know it's procedure and it's a different set of nurses in recovery, but I don't think she needed it.

Her procedure was at 12:30 and we were on our way by 3pm. Once they took the IV off (and she calmed down) and we got her dressed she started to perk up. She drank some milk right away, but held her arm that had a small bandage from the IV removal up as if she couldn't move it ALL the way home! She was much happier after I removed it and gave her some milk when we got home. All afternoon/evening she's been flitting around like her normal self. A few times she said she was tired, but seemed ok after she just rested for a few minutes.

She started getting tired and itchy around 8pm. I took her in for a quick shower and she seemed better. We decided to head to bed early and let both her and Parker (who hasn't been feeling well this week) lay between us for a while. After we had Parker go to bed, she just kept moving around and seemed a little agitated. Then she started puking all over her, me, and our bed. Luckily we were on top of the sheets & a blanket, so it didn't soak through to our mattress. Quick action~ I sat her up and made sure she was OK and Eric jumped up and got some towels. Needless to say our sheets/blankets/towels are in the washer. We are all cleaned up and Dori is now asleep between us. We won't sleep well if she's between us, but I worry sh

OK...that is as far as I got and she started puking again. It's going to be a long yucky night!


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