Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reality Wrap

OK...I am busy today so I am going to make this quick. Not sure if anyone cares about my reviews anyway.

Survivor~ My opinion of JT really dropped last week. (Sorry Mendy!) I think Brandon is completely right about not telling him that he is gay. Of course it doesn't matter cause he is gone. My opinion of Erin is growing cause she (like me) despises coach. DH is now predicting either Erin or Tyson for the win...It's possible.

Amazing Race~ LOVED this episode. It seemed so long. I can't imagine trying to drive in Russia, but many people seemed to speak some English. Those brides were very pretty...but looked so pretty! OK...was the running challenge not the best? Cracked me up!!! Especially Jen's comment about how she had to put on underwear cause she normally doesn't wear any. OMG...too funny!!! Then she's like I wasn't embarrassed, I liked people looking at me cause I am hot in my underwear. LOL! And then Christie in her thong? That was priceless. I just can't imagine traveling around wearing one, but I guess it works for her. And it cracked me up that she had something wrapped around her when they checked into the pit stop. I knew it would be non-elim. They sure seem to get a lot of face time...so I think they are in for a while. I still think that the ones to have the best chance at the final three are Margie/Luke, Tammy/Victor, and the redheads. I like Mel/Mike, but not sure they will hang in there. Kisha/Jen are doing well too. Mark/Michael will be out soon!