Monday, March 9, 2009

Reality Wrap

Bachelor~ I am so glad it's over and I hope we never see Jason & Molly again. I will be watching next season with Jillian!!

Survivor~ OK...what happened on Survivor? I can't remember. LOL! The secret alliance is looking stronger and stronger. Taj was an animal on the challenge. Even though they made it look like Sydney was going home, the vote of Sandy was no surprise.

Amazing Race~ Man, I just love Sunday nights!! AR & DH! LOL! It was a good episode tonight. Mark & Michael, while physically strong just aren't very good with directions! They will probably be out soon. I thought it would be a non-elim with the blind u-turn. Just seems like doing that would really cause friction with the teams. I don't think anyone would have picked Amanda & Kris to go home! The teams at the loser lodge will be surprised. I can't believe the blondes did so well this week. Maybe they've gotten beyond mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, the only ones to really make a mistake tonight was Mark & Michael. But otherwise the teams basically finished in the order that they came off the flights. WTH with the dark thongs?